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Keira Knightley Just Revealed To Ellen DeGeneres That She's Banned Her Daughter From Watching Certain Disney Movies

"Cinderella — banned, because she waits around for a rich guy to rescue her."

You obviously know Keira Knightley, right? She doesn't exactly need an introduction.

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And tbh, Keira's having a pretty good time of it lately — she was just honoured at a Women in Hollywood event last night, and she has a new movie coming out soon, The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.

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So, to promote said movie, Keira appeared on The Ellen Show and revealed some cute tidbits about her daughter, who's now three years old.

The Ellen Show

When Ellen DeGeneres asked what little Edie wants to be when she grows up, Keira said that at first she wanted to be a dentist (thanks to an episode of Peppa Pig), but most recently decided she wanted to make a career as a lion.

The Ellen Show

Suddenly my dreams and aspirations don't seem big enough anymore.

But something else that Keira revealed grabbed my attention — she's banned Edie from watching certain Disney movies because of their portrayal of women.


First up on the chopping block? Cinderella, which Keira doesn't exactly have a glowing review for.

The Ellen Show

Oh, and The Little Mermaid is also banned in the Knightley household.

The Ellen Show

But that one's a little more difficult for Keira, who admitted that she actually likes the movie.

The Ellen Show

But Edie's not missing out on all Disney movies! Films such as Moana, Frozen, and Finding Dory all have the green light.


You can watch the full clip here.

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