11 Questions About Cheating That’ll Make You Think And Then Debate

Everything about cheating is terrible, but what’s worse?

  1. 1. Your partner sexting somebody else but never meeting them, or your partner meeting up with someone they fancy for a coffee.
    1. Sexting somebody else but never meeting them
    2. Going for coffee with somebody they fancy
  1. 2. Your partner receiving oral sex from someone else, or giving oral sex to someone else.
    1. Receiving oral sex
    2. Giving oral sex
  1. 3. Your partner having a dozen one night stands, or your partner having a single affair lasting a month.
    1. A dozen one night stands
    2. A one month affair
  1. 4. Your partner cheating on you with your best friend, or cheating on you with one of your family members.
    1. Cheating with my best friend
    2. Cheating with a family member
  1. 5. Your partner cheating on your birthday, or on your anniversary.
    1. Cheating on my birthday
    2. Cheating on our anniversary
  1. 6. Your partner having sex with someone else in your bed, or your partner having sex with somebody else and then sleeping with you the same day.
    1. Having sex with someone else in my bed
    2. Having sex with me straight after sleeping with someone else
  1. 7. Your partner having sex with someone else while you're in the early stages of your relationship, or your partner having sex with somebody else while you're taking a break in your relationship.
    1. Having sex with somebody else while we’re dating
    2. Having sex with somebody else while we’re on a break
  1. 8. Your partner telling you just before your wedding day that they cheated a while back, or everybody else knowing your partner cheated before you do.
    1. Telling me just before our wedding day
    2. Everybody else knowing before me
  1. 9. Having to hear all the details of what happened when your partner cheated on you, or never finding out they cheated at all.
    1. Having to hear every single detail
    2. Not finding out at all
  1. 10. Your partner using being drunk as an excuse for cheating, or blaming your relationship for them cheating.
    1. Blaming alcohol and being drunk
    2. Blaming our relationship
  1. 11. Cheating on somebody because they cheated on you, or having sex with somebody you know has a partner.
    1. Cheating as revenge
    2. Having sex with someone else’s partner

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Ben Henry is a staff writer for BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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