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34 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About "Gladiators"

Contender, READY? Gladiator, READY?

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1) The show was inspired by American Gladiators, which was televised in the US in 1989.

2) The set of Gladiators weighed over 200 tons and took 35 lorries to transport it from London to Birmingham.

3) The fastest time for the crew to set up the eliminator was nine and a half minutes.

4) It took three 18 hour work days to install the set and lighting.

5) It took 75 people two months to construct the equipment for Gladiators.

6) The fastest person to complete the eliminator was Wesley Berry, who did it in 48 seconds in 1994.

7) The most points won before an eliminator was 53, by Mark Everitt.

8) Altogether, there have been 34 gladiators.

9) Only four of the original 12 gladiators made it from the first season to the last: Lightning, Cobra, Saracen, and Wolf.

10) Wolf was the oldest gladiator, born in 1952.

11) Hunter was the youngest gladiator, joining the show at 19 years old.

12) Rio was the tallest female Gladiator, at six feet one inch.


13) In 1997, a new gladiator by the name Shark was hired, but for unknown reasons he never appeared on the show, despite being included in a training session clip.

14) Altogether there were 147 episodes of Gladiators in the UK, including 45 specials.

15) Over eight series', there were 25 events in total.

16) The gladiators most hated the poleaxe event because even if they won, they still had to free-fall 40ft to the mat below.

17) Before becoming the referee for Gladiators, John Anderson coached athletes for the Commonwealth Games, European Championships, Olympic Games, and World Championships.

18) Jeremy Clarkson was claimed to have been asked to co-present the show with Ulrika but declined, leaving the job to Jeremy Guscott.

19) Contender Nicola Bawden caused controversy in the first ever episode when she greased her legs before the wall event, meaning gladiator Scorpio couldn't get a firm grip on her.

20) According to multiple sources it is claimed that Lightning competed in the 1999 series just three weeks after giving birth to her son, Lexus.

21) Panther didn't appear on the Gladiators: The Legends Strike Back episodes in 2008 because of a feud with Lightning.


22) One of the better known contenders, Eunice Huthart, was the only contender to become a gladiator; she took part as Blaze in 1995.

23) She then went on to become an incredibly successful stunt woman in Hollywood, for actresses such as Angelina Jolie.

24) Eunice is also godmother to Angelina and Brad Pitt's daughter, Shiloh.

25) The final episode of Gladiators aired on New Years Day in 2000.

26) It was dedicated to Clayton Parker, a VT editor for the network that broadcast Gladiators, who died in a car crash in 1999.

27) Shadow, who was fired for allegedly taking drugs, went on to earn £3.60 a day as a gravedigger, which was a far cry from the £750 a show he was earning on Gladiators.

28) Hunter was a Shakespearian actor, starring in As You Like It between 2003 and 2004.

29) He also presented ITV show Peak Performance.

30) Lightning now runs her own beauty parlour.

31) Jet is a successful psychotherapist and often appears on Big Brother's Bit On The Side.

32) Saracen went on to become a firefighter. He is now retired.

33) He also made a comeback by appearing in Ninja Warrior. Unfortunately he fell at the first obstacle.

34) Rhino went on to appear in movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Batman Begins, and Argo.