Gigi Hadid Casually Revealed She Dips Fries In Mashed Potatoes And I Am Low-Key Losing My Mind

    We've all made a mistake or two after a passion fruit martini, but this is too far!

    Hello! Gather round! We have something rather important to discuss, and considering the apocalypse is nigh — who knew lack of toilet paper would be our doom? — we shouldn't waste a moment getting into this!

    Gigi Hadid! You know her as one of the most famous models in the world and also for elbowing strangers in the face when they pick her up for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Good for her!

    Well, Gigi is on the cover of the latest Harper's Bazaar issue and, of course, she looks stunning. Again, good for her!

    And the accompanying interview was a lot of fun too — basically, some of Gigi's most famous friends asked her a question, including the likes of Taylor Swift (big flex), Serena Williams (also big flex), and Kendall Jenner (that's three big flexes right there).

    One of the people to ask her a question was none other than fab five guacamole-guru, Antoni Porowski.

    What was his insightful question, I hear you ask? Well, Antoni wanted to know how Gigi "discovered french fries with mashed potatoes as a thing to eat".

    Without missing a beat, Gigi responded that she had discovered the combination "after a few passion fruit martinis", adding that the table had probably run out of condiments so she resorted to...the next best thing?

    "We must have run out of ketchup, so I dipped the fries in the mashed potatoes — and eureka!"

    Yep, that's right — Gigi Hadid be dipping her fries in her mashed potatoes without a care in the world.

    Now, I was very confused, as I am by most things. Is dipping fries in mashed potatoes, like, a thing you American people do? Am I just chaotically uncultured and blissfully unaware of things that aren't double cheeseburgers?

    So, I did what all trusty journalists do and resorted to Google, which would surely not steer me wrong. Alas, that just took me further down the rabbit hole as I realised Disney are apparently also at it!

    Undeterred, I decided to conduct an investigation, so I asked one (1) person who lives in America and therefore speaks for you all. Her response: "I do not eat them with mashed potatoes. I feel like that is too much starch!"

    So, is Gigi Hadid actually a genius? Should we all start forsaking ketchup and mayo and instead start doubling up on our carb intake? Or is it all just a bit much?

    While you figure that out, you can read Gigi's full Harper's Bazaar interview here. Now stay safe! And wash your hands!