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    Ellen Degeneres Asked Bill Gates What It's Like To Be A Billionaire And Now I Feel Poor AF

    "We have a trampoline room in our house; I highly recommend it."

    So recently, the talkshow queen, Ellen Degeneres, welcomed billionaire Bill Gates onto her show for the first time.

    The Ellen Show

    And before playing a game where Bill had to guess the price of supermarket products, Ellen basically asked what it's like to be a billionaire.

    The Ellen Show

    I mean, we all want to know, right?!

    Surprisingly, Bill admitted to not having too much of an extravagant taste, but did confess to indulging in a Porsche and his own plane "for his travels".

    The Ellen Show

    He called them both his "two sins" though, so at least he knows they're not exactly cheap.

    But when Ellen asked what his house was like, and if he'd done something wild like build an aquarium with sharks in it, Bill admitted to having a certain room in his house...

    The Ellen Show

    A trampoline room. Like, a whole room in his house that's just one big trampoline.

    I mean, duh, don't you have one? They're all the rage!

    "We have a trampoline room in our house. The kids like that. I recommend it. It's a room with a very high ceiling." Ellen's face was literally me at this moment.

    The Ellen Show

    Sweet, I'm gonna go and build one right now!

    But Bill also admitted to being conservative and a little nervous with his money in the early days, saying that he worried he wouldn't be able to pay his employees, who were all older than him and had families.

    The Ellen Show

    "I always had to be careful that we wouldn't hire too many people. I was always worried because people who worked for me were older than me and had kids, and I always thought, 'what if we don't get paid, will I be able to meet the payroll?' So I was always very conservative about the finances."

    He continued by saying that he "always wanted to have enough money in the bank so that even if our customers didn't pay us for a year, we could still keep paying everybody."

    The Ellen Show

    But if you didn't know, Bill Gates is now very generous with his money. As Ellen pointed out, he's already put $40 billion into his foundation that focuses on global health and education.

    The Ellen Show

    Yes, that's 40 BILLION dollars.

    Talking about his main goals, Bill said:

    "My wife, Melinda, and I picked global health as our big thing. The fact we still have five million kids who die under the age of 5... Now, it was over 10 million when we got started, so there's been huge progress over the last 18 years. So things like malaria, diarrhoea, coming up with new vaccines and getting them out to all the kids in the world – that's our main thing. Our second biggest thing is all in the US, which is trying to help improve the education system here."

    Considering how much money Bill's put into those goals, I'd say he probably deserves way more than just a Porsche and a plane!

    The Ellen Show

    You can watch the interview here:

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