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Ellen DeGeneres Asked Bill Gates To Guess Supermarket Prices And It Went As Badly As You'd Think

Pizza rolls for $22? Something tells me Bill Gates doesn't go shopping very often.

Ellen DeGeneres knows how to get great guests on her show, but she might've just topped herself this time, because her latest guest was none other than Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates.

And since it was his first time on the show, Ellen decided they should play a game. And what game do you play with one of the richest men in the world? Guess the Grocery Store Prices, of course!

When Ellen asked Bill the last time he'd been to a supermarket, he said it was a "long time ago" because, you know, when you're rich you have people that can go and do that chore for you.

The first product was Rice-A-Roni, which Bill guessed would be $5. LOL.

Yeah, not quite, Bill.

Next up were Tide Pods, which, contrary to popular social media belief, are used for laundry, not eating. Obviously wary of overshooting like last time, Bill first guessed $4. But after a little help from the audience, he decided to raise his guess to $10.

Anyone would think Bill Gates hasn't done his own supermarket shopping in a while...

Dental floss was next, something which Bill was confident he could price correctly because he flosses all the time. He guessed $4.

And he was basically right! That's one in the bag, how about another?

Pizza rolls! Bill's first guess? $22.

That's right, ladies and gents, Bill Gates thought a bag of pizza rolls was $22.

With some help from the audience, he went down to $15, which is obviously way more reasonable. At this point Ellen stepped in to help, and Bill finally landed on $8.

Which was pretty close to the mark, so we'll give him that.

Finally, some cheese dip. Bill seemed surprised that people didn't agree with his first guess, which was over $10. For CHEESE DIP.

When Ellen told him he should maybe guess under $5, he decided to go with $4. And, shockingly, he was close enough to getting that one right, too.

So to conclude, Bill Gates, a billionaire, lives in a very expensive world, where pizza rolls are $22 and cheese dip is more than $10. Who would've guessed, huh?

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