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    If Celebrities Had Instagram In The '00s

    BritneyBby1MoreTym had some serious clapbacks.

    1. Beyoncé would have been leading the fashion game.

    Frederick M. Brown / Getty / BuzzFeed

    2. Brad Pitt would've had the original #SquadGoals with Ocean's Twelve.

    Sean Gallup / Getty / BuzzFeed

    3. Britney would probably be feeling freaky af and Justin would have approved.

    MIGUEL RIOPA / Getty / BuzzFeed

    4. Christina would be a fashion-forward hair icon, and Britney would be reading her for it.

    George De Sota / Getty / BuzzFeed

    5. Courteney Cox, much like her character Monica, would be the eager beaver wanting to get back to filming.

    Getty Images / BuzzFeed

    6. Destiny's Child would be showing off how they have the co-ord trend locked down.

    George De Sota / Getty / BuzzFeed

    7. Emma Watson would be smiling on the outside and wondering who the hell these people were on the inside.

    Steve Finn / Getty / BuzzFeed

    8. Fergie would try to get cute with Will would put her back in her place, much like an older brother.

    Kevin Winter / Getty / BuzzFeed

    9. Jennifer Lopez would still be acknowledging she's from the Bronx, while Ben Affleck would be living in her notifications. #Jen&Ben4Lyf

    YOSHIKAZU TSUNO / Getty / BuzzFeed

    10. Justin Timberlake would be living for his cowboy accessories.

    LUCY NICHOLSON / Getty / BuzzFeed

    11. Kim Kardashian would have already mastered throwing shade, and changed her IG handle when Khloé pissed her off.

    Vince Bucci / Getty / BuzzFeed

    12. Lindsay Lohan would be spreading the love.

    Junko Kimura / Getty / BuzzFeed

    13. Mariah would be the only diva in the game, with Ariana still posting vids on YouTube and begging for her fave to watch them.

    Mark Mainz / Getty / BuzzFeed

    14. Miley would still be a daddy's girl. The whole twerking thing would be but a twinkle in her eye.

    Mark Mainz / Getty / BuzzFeed

    15. Missy Elliot would probably have penned the haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate lyric in a caption.

    Vince Bucci / Getty / BuzzFeed

    16. Nick Jonas would be living for his curly hair.

    Frazer Harrison / Getty / BuzzFeed

    17. Paris Hilton would be subtly boasting about her new pink Razr, with Nicole fuming in her comments.

    Koichi Kamoshida / Getty / BuzzFeed

    18. Rihanna wouldn't have hit the "Good Girl Gone Bad" era yet. She would, however, still be releasing 67 albums a year.

    Kevin Winter / Getty / BuzzFeed

    19. Victoria Beckham would still be giving tips on how to smile your best smile.

    Chris Jackson / Getty / BuzzFeed

    20. Zac Efron would still be so in love with Vanessa. His fans would still be crazy af.

    Mark Mainz / Getty / BuzzFeed

    21. Serena would just be winning, because nothing has changed.

    TONY ASHBY / Getty / BuzzFeed

    22. And Kanye would be all up in Taylor's comments.

    Kevin Winter / Getty / BuzzFeed

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