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    Beyoncé Wore Black Panther Earrings And A Black Panther Clutch So She's Obviously Trying To Tell Us Something


    So in case you didn't know, Beyoncé wasn't playing games when she attended the Grammys – she really went to slay.

    In fact over the Grammys weekend, she turned out not one, not two, but three flawless looks that had us all, for want of a better word, shook.

    Off the bat, fans took to Twitter to say that all three outfits were very inspired by the Black Panther movement.

    Idk if Beyoncé is dropping hints or what but all of her looks this weekend were black panther inspired 🤔

    Although it's not the first time Bey's been linked to it. Anybody remember when she performed at the Super Bowl?

    Anyway, back to this weekend. Eagle-eyed fans noticed that what looked like a regular diamond encrusted clutch was actually a purse shaped like a black panther.

    Not only that, but somebody else realised that the earrings she wore to a pre-Grammys party were also, you guessed it, black panthers.

    And obviously once everybody realised, they lost their shit.

    Queen Beyoncé had the black panther clutch at the Grammy’s

    Because we know that Beyoncé loves to drop hints. All you have to do is remember how she teased us with lemons before she dropped the surprise album Lemonade.

    Beyonce is leaving us a hint with the sparkly black panther purse she was carrying at the Grammy's. MARK MY WORDS

    And so this got people thinking... maybe the clutch and earrings aren't just a coincidence because Black Panther the movie is released in a matter of days, so is it possible she could make an appearance on the soundtrack?

    I'm calling it right now Beyoncé will be on the Black Panther soundtrack.

    Not only that but Chloe and Halle, who Beyoncé mentors, appeared at the premiere of the movie last night too. I'm not saying that's concrete evidence, but it's all starting to add up.

    Chloe and Halle are at the Black Panther premiere. Beyoncé been wearing Black Panther inspired outfits for the past…

    The blacking out of names refers to what the album currently looks like on iTunes. Only two songs have been revealed, leaving 12 that we don't know yet.

    So simple maths gives us this conclusion.

    Beyoncé will be on the Black Panther album

    It wouldn't be outside the realm of possibility either, considering that Beyoncé will be working with Disney anyway for The Lion King, which is due to be released next year.

    Low-key confirms my theory of Beyoncé being on the Black Panther soundtrack . Especially since she has to work with…

    So @Beyoncé if you're reading this, what's happening? Are you on the soundtrack? Is there a new album on the way? Where can we get our own black panther diamond encrusted clutch? WE NEED ANSWERS!

    We've contacted Beyoncé's reps for comment.