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Beyoncé Basically Just Slayed The Whole Grammys Weekend And I Still Can't Breathe

Look after look after look.

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By now you probably know that Beyoncé and Jay-Z attended the Grammys last night, along with their daughter Blue Ivy (who was kinda unimpressed by it all, but that's another story).

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And obviously Bey, who unfortunately didn't bless us on the red carpet, absolutely slayed. But that was actually her third slay of the weekend because she hasn't let us breathe since Saturday.


It started with the Roc Nation pre-Grammys brunch.

Instagram: @beyonce

Yes OK, Jay looks great too, but this isn't about him (sorry Jay, it's nothing personal).

I'm not one to circle rumours, but I've heard that apparently angels cry with envy when faced with the beauty of Beyoncé Knowles-Carter.

Instagram: @beyonce

If you want a real treat, swipe through those photos to see flawlessness in motion.

And if that wasn't enough, in the same day, Beyoncé then attended the Clive Davis pre-Grammy party. She really wasn't coming to play at this point; it was over for all of us.

Instagram: @beyonce

This woman got to experience it firsthand and tbh, same.

After turning two looks and letting us have it, you'd think Queen Bey would give us a break, but then the Grammys rolled around on Sunday and she had to do THIS.

Instagram: @beyonce


Instagram: @beyonce

It's unconfirmed, but apparently the reason Beyoncé wore sunglasses with this outfit is because we'd all turn to stone if we looked directly at her.

Instagram: @beyonce

Which is hard not to do considering she was basically living and breathing art.

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So basically the Queen reigned supreme and she wasn't even nominated for anything.

Now if you don't mind, I'll be lying down with an oxygen tank trying to remember how to breathe again.

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