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    Beyoncé Walked Into A Room And The Sudden Shocked Silence Is Making Me Laugh So Hard

    How would you react if Beyoncé popped up out of nowhere right in front of your eyes?

    I've often wondered how I would react if I was ever within a mile radius of Beyoncé.


    Sometimes I think I'd completely freeze and potentially pass out on the spot.

    Sometimes I think I'd just drop to my knees in worship.

    TV One

    Other times, I'm almost sure I would react like...well, like this.


    But a recent video of Beyoncé walking into Columbia university has been spreading across Twitter and it turns out that the most common reaction is to just collectively gasp.

    I think that's completely fair tbh.

    Queen Bey was in town to support husband Jay-Z while he took part in a Q&A to launch a new lecture series at the university.

    Allen Berezovsky / Getty Images

    But, just before Jay hit the stage, a video showed Beyoncé being led into the room through a side door and the reaction is priceless.

    Beyoncé arriving at @Columbia University yesterday 💛

    That sudden gasp followed by a deathly silence? I don't know why but it's killing me.

    Of course, people loved the video and replied with how they would've personally reacted to being in Beyoncé's presence.

    @KEIRYYONCE @Columbia Had I been in the room

    @KEIRYYONCE @Columbia I would've gasped then fainted from NEVER having got my breath back!

    Beyoncé's presence also taught some people a valuable lesson, like following your instincts and not doing what other people tell you to.

    I went to Columbia for four years straight just to miss BEYONCÉ the year after I graduated. THIS is why you don’t listen to other people. TAKE THAT GAP YEAR WHEN YOU WANT TO

    And some were just happy to get a glimpse of the back of Beyoncé's head. I think we can all agree — STUNNING!

    Beyoncé looking stunning as always at Columbia University 💖

    Anyway, let's watch the video one more time.

    Beyoncé arriving at @Columbia University yesterday 💛