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    According To "Hey Arnold" We Should Eat Ass And Everything Will Be OK

    Get fired? Eat ass. Car stolen? Get your ass eaten.

    Disney has something of a reputation for making jokes that are meant for the adults watching.


    Well, it turns out that the kids' programme Hey Arnold! has done the same kind of thing in a pretty subtle way.


    Remember Hey Arnold!? You know, the kids' programme about a boy with an American-football-shaped head? That's him, in the middle.

    Twitter user @STOPFLEXIN tweeted a screenshot from a Vine that appears to show some very adult action going on in the background.

    imma just pretend i didn't just catch this nigga eatin ass in hey arnold

    If you want to see it in motion, here's the Vine:

    Poor Helga has absolutely no idea what's going on behind her.



    But what are the facts here?

    To give it some context, it's the Thanksgiving episode of Hey Arnold! and Arnold and Helga have crashed Mr Simmons' celebrations.


    Joy and Peter are on the right and the ones you need to keep an eye on.

    CLUE 1: Joy is pretty sad because she's just been fired and her car has been stolen (again). She needs cheering up.


    What's a better way to get cheered up than some butt fun?

    CLUE 2: Peter is really giving this piece of chicken a good seeing to.


    It's like foreshadowing. Basically he looks like he's getting some practice in.

    CLUE 3: Her name is Joy. JOY. The exact feeling associated with getting your ass eaten.


    Looks like she's pretty cheered up to me.

    It's just proof that ass-eating makes everything better. Fired? Eat ass. Car stolen? Get your ass eaten.


    Coincidence that Joy and ass-eating are being linked here? I DON'T THINK SO.

    OK, so maybe it is just Joy leaning over the table while Peter continues to go to town on a chicken leg. (But the ass-eating theory is much better.)

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