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Armie Hammer Has Apologised For His Comments After The Death Of Stan Lee

"I will be working on my Twitter impulse control."

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On Monday, the world was saddened to hear about the death of Stan Lee. He was 95.

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The Marvel legend left an everlasting legacy behind, which was part of the reason for the outpouring of love that followed the news. This was led by celebrities who had worked alongside Stan to bring the characters he had created — such as Hulk, Captain America, and Ant-Man — to life on the big screen.

However, actor Armie Hammer appeared dubious about some of the celebrity tributes appearing on social media, particularly those which included selfies with Stan Lee. People who did just this included Tom Hardy, Robert Downey Jr., and Tom Holland.

In now deleted tweets, Armie appeared to sarcastically blast the selfie tributes, accusing the celebrities of making the moment about themselves.

However, his tweets were met with criticism from fans, who said Armie was actually making the moment about himself and accused him of policing how other people should grieve.

But after deleting the main tweet that caused the uproar, Armie has now apologised for his original response. Posting a screenshot of the iPhone notes app, a staple in celebrity apologies, Armie called his actions "asshat form", saying that he was "attempting to provide unnecessary social commentary about the current selfie culture".

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He continued: "I inadvertently offended many who were genuinely greiving the loss of a true icon. I want to apologise from the bottom of my heart and will be working on my Twitter impulse control."