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    Ariana Grande Bought Her Friend A New Phone Because The Screen Was Cracked And Everyone's Making The Same Joke

    "Don’t dare drop your phone around Ariana Grande."

    Ariana Grande is many things: a vocalist, an angel, and the queen of thank u, nexting. We truly stan.

    But just in case you needed some extra proof that she's actually a great human being, I've got the receipts right here, so gather round folks!


    You might know that Ariana is best friends with Victoria Monét. Here they are, looking freakin' adorable together.


    Victoria also appeared next to Ariana when she performed "thank u, next" for the first time alongside Ariana's other best friend, Tayla Parx.

    Anyway, Victoria recently tweeted about how she'd done what we all dread doing...dropping your iPhone. I have experienced this firsthand many times, and as a result my phone screen currently looks like a goddamn jigsaw puzzle.


    But while I'm suffering in silence, Ariana proved that she's the best friend we all need. As soon as it happened, she went out and bought Victoria a replacement.

    Don’t dare drop your phone around @ArianaGrande she will buy you a WHOLE NEW ONE lmao 😂😭 thank you for my new iPhone omfg I’m spoiled AASFFFF

    Me looking at my best friends after seeing this tweet.


    Obviously once fans saw the tweet, they had some thoughts.

    @VictoriaMonet @ArianaGrande suddenly i’m gonna go drop my phone around ariana so she can buy me a new one too

    @VictoriaMonet @ArianaGrande My phone fell while tweeting this

    Most of which just happened to be the same joke.

    @VictoriaMonet @ArianaGrande *drops iphone* 😂

    @VictoriaMonet @Sankofachild @ArianaGrande me, at the #SweetenerWorldTour

    There were some variations to the joke though, so it's all cool.

    @VictoriaMonet @ArianaGrande omg I dropped my school tuition on the floor

    But wait because there's more to the story. I bet you're wondering where Ariana got this kind generosity from, right? Well, of course it comes from Mamma Grande, aka Joan, who also recently treated Victoria to a not at all expensive gift.

    I want y’all to know there are still EXTREMELY GENEROUS people in the world! One being the icon that is @joangrande!! Thank you so much for introducing my ears to @TiffanyAndCo THE VICTORIAN COLLECTION!! Your heart is bigger than outer space I’m never taking them off I LOVE YOU😭

    Here's to hoping Ariana suddenly does a Paris Hilton and starts auditioning for a new best friend.


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