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    35 Pictures Of British Celebs From The ’90s And ’00s That Were Somehow Considered Normal At The Time

    Yes that is Kerry Katona sawing off some kebab meat.

    1. Boyband Blue posing with a giant white Malteaser.

    boyband blue hold giant white malteaser and taking a bite out of it
    Tim Whitby - Pa Images / Getty Images

    2. Chris Evans with a gold statue of himself priced at only £5! Bargain!

    chris evans holding a gold statue of himself wearing a yellow fleece
    Owen Humphreys - Pa Images / Getty Images

    3. This photo of Charlie Dimmock bathing in popcorn.

    woman in bath filled with popcorn laughing
    Michael Crabtree - Pa Images / Getty Images

    4. And this photo of her dressed as a mermaid with a python.

    woman dressed as a mermaid in green dress holding large snake
    Michael Stephens - Pa Images / Getty Images

    5. This photo of Atomic Kitten sat on an Atomic Kitten branded yellow car.

    three women sat on yellow car
    Anthony Harvey / Getty Images

    6. Simon Cowell posing with the Pop Idol Playstation game.

    man posing with video game case smiling
    Will Conran / Getty Images

    7. Ross Kemp looking out wistfully towards the Thames river whilst clutching a life ring.

    Man holding red life ring in london outside the london eye wheel
    Michael Crabtree - Pa Images / Getty Images

    8. Chris Tarrant with lots of ties.

    man with tie around his head and ties around his neck
    John Stillwell - Pa Images / Getty Images

    9. And here he is again this time looking perplexed at a crayfish.

    man holding crayfish looking confused
    Tim Ockenden - Pa Images / Getty Images

    10. Uri Geller at the London Dungeon posing with a smiley devil.

    man in dungeon with man in devil costume holding an axe
    Yui Mok - Pa Images / Getty Images

    11. Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen posing with his new Christmas Tree concept.

    man posing with ornament with crystals
    Ian West - Pa Images / Getty Images

    12. Konnie Huq at the 10th anniversary of MSN Messenger.

    woman sat on rock next to sign smiling
    Neil Mockford / Getty Images

    13. Geri Halliwell putting a stamp on a rather uninterested looking postal worker.

    woman putting stamp on man smiling
    Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

    14. Katie Price posing on a bed to promote her range of bed linen at Matalan.

    woman posing on bed
    Mike Marsland / WireImage

    15. Prince Charles fist bumping Blazin' Squad.

    prince charles fist bumping
    Tim Graham / Getty Images

    16. Robbie Williams wearing a black wig and white undies to promote 7UP.

    Photoshot / Contributor / Getty Images / Via

    17. The Cheeky Girls posing outside a train.

    two girls posing outside of train
    Ian West - Pa Images / Getty Images

    18. Hear'Say dressed up as Pearly Kings and Queens.

    pearly kings and queens
    Emma Harris - Pa Images / Getty Images

    19. Liberty X posing with Jimmy Neutron.

    Dave Benett / Getty Images

    20. Anthony Costa and Simon Webbe posing with lego versions of themselves.

    Brian Rasic / Getty Images

    21. Zoe Ball sat on a rhino made of jelly beans.

    woman sat on rhino statue made of jelly beans
    Pa Images / Getty Images

    22. Jonathan Ross hugging a computer with a glass of champers.

    William Conran - Pa Images / Getty Images

    23. Boyband Busted playing in a sand pit.

    Picture Alliance / picture alliance via Getty Image

    24. Kerry Katona with some kebab meat.

    Showbizireland / Getty Images

    25. Trinny and Susannah posing naked with a bunch of people waving.

    Gareth Fuller - Pa Images / Getty Images

    26. Neil Fox swinging Gillian McKeith on a dance machine.

    Photoshot / Getty Images

    27. Denise Van Outen offering a sausage to Graham Norton to promote salad cream.

    Mirrorpix / Getty Images

    28. Aled Jones choking his younger self.

    Yui Mok - Pa Images / Getty Images

    29. Ainsley Harriott with Bill and Ben the Flower Pot Men.

    Michael Stephens - Pa Images / Getty Images

    30. Tulisa shooting some pool on a see-through table.

    Jon Furniss / WireImage

    31. Sir Richard Branson wearing a tiny top hat, shredded t-shirt and flesh coloured leggings, to promote some new Virgin portable gadgets.

    Kmazur / WireImage for Rogers & Cowan

    32. Fearne Cotton booting the earth.

    woman in red wellington boots and green dress kicking an inflatable earth.
    Mike Marsland / WireImage

    33. Patsy Palmer encouraging people to "Give the internet a go".

    red haired young woman with head on a computer
    Tony Harris - Pa Images / Getty Images

    34. June Brown giving Paul O'Grady a blowback.

    Dave Hogan / Getty Images

    35. And finally, Dale Winton holding a sausage whilst being hugged by a giant sausage.

    man being hugged by man wearing a sausage costume.
    David Giles - Pa Images / Getty Images