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    21 Hilarious Christmas Tweets That Had Me Belly Laughing

    Die Hard is a Harry Potter movie.


    As it’s December 1st it’s only right to post this video


    me - “hello” Guy whose entire identity is built around arguing that Die Hard is a Christmas movie - “hey man, what’s your favourite Christmas movie? You might find mine... a little controversial to say the least”


    when your parents get divorced but now you get to celebrate Christmas twice


    Mary and Joseph when they found out there was no room at the inn


    utterly obsessed with this american site that has confused mince with mincemeat, and created this abomination




    half of 50’s christmas songs are just like “hooby dooby haha hee it’s christmas time again”


    Dude in the last Christmas song gave his heart to someone who gave it away literally the NEXT DAY. Didn’t even need to mull it over, just got rid of it immediately. How do you misjudge a situation that badly


    Baking hack: Chop off Angel head for a homemade Baby Yoda cookie cutter.


    Me, writing a work e-mail: Here we fuckin' go, scorched earth time, this shit is gonna blow some goddamn minds Text of the e-mail: Hey I'm so sorry it took five minutes for me to reply, I unfortunately will not be able to work on Christmas day but I can check my availability for


    Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie. He sneaks around a tower at night avoiding Alan Rickman. It’s a Harry Potter movie.


    Three months ago I was crying every single day when I drove home from work because I was so unhappy with my life. I’m still doing that but now I get to listen to Christmas music simultaneously


    I simply must go (Baby it's cold outside) The answer is no (But baby it's cold outside) The neighbours might think (I will say I was at Woking Pizza Express)


    Christmas is really in two weeks and everyone’s gift is still at the store 😭


    to the people who put antlers & a nose on their car for xmas u cant trick me .. i know its a car


    "Order now and get yours in time for Xmas!"


    does anyone else’s family hide a tiny pickle ornament in the christmas tree and whoever finds it gets to open the first present or am i a different kind of white



    If they celebrate Christmas in the Harry Potter universe then also in that universe does Jesus exist and was he a wizard


    hello, i’m an adult in a christmas movie. i don’t believe in santa but have also never bought my children even one of the presents they receive every year. they just appear and i am fine with this reality. this is neither confusing nor horrifying

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