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    34 Things You Can Buy Because You're An Adult And Make Your Own Decisions

    It's your money, what's stopping you?

    1. A giant tongue so you can get really intimate with your cat.

    model licks their cat uses tongue like device held in their mouth

    2. A teardrop-shaped bee home so you can invite lots of buzzing buddies to your yard. Maybe your parents didn't want more bugs by their home but you sure do.

    bee home with lots of little nodes

    3. A cloud print rug made for children's rooms and nurseries — but also adult rooms too! I happen to have this particular rug and can confirm it looks adorable if you're going for a whimsical look.

    blue rug with white clouds

    4. Ooor a fluorescent rugs reminiscent of arcades and really awesome birthday parties.

    5. Magical Flames — a cool invention that turns your boring old fire into a rainbow fire. Camping has never felt so rave-like.

    fire in many different colors

    6. A somewhat rude sticker to encourage your road rage.

    sticker on side mirror that says "objects in the mirror are losing"

    7. And some angry cards to place in the windshield of bad parkers' cars.

    cards that says hello you suck at parking and seriously learn how to park

    8. A 30-foot string of camping lights to make your outdoor adventures all the more magical.

    clear tent with lights strung around it

    9. A pair of socks sporting your own pup's handsome mug, which is a great investment, OK?

    dog sits next to socks with its face on them

    10. A pretty privacy window film that refracts incoming light with some dazzling results. You can fill your home with whatever you like, so it might as well be rainbows.

    11. A throw pillow cover I think you'll find bear-y relatable.

    pillow with bear on it that says feed me and tell me i'm pretty

    12. A super soft onesie because c'mon — now is the time to own one.

    two models wear hooded onesies in takeout food pattern

    13. A nifty spout that creates little Mickey Mouse soap dollops. Just attach to your favorite foaming soap bottle and bam! You're basically in Disneyland.

    mickey mouse pump attachment that helps create mouse shaped foam

    14. A Mystery Machine punch bowl and some matching Scooby and Shaggy muglets – it gets my vote for best gift ever. Don't worry, you don't need to dress up like a ghost and pretend that your kitchen is haunted if you want to keep the set for yourself.

    van-shaped punch bowl with small tiki mugs shaped like scooby and shaggy

    15. A pair of jumbo googly eyes, because adulthood can be lonely sometimes and everyone could use an extra friend.

    car with googly eyes

    16. An obsidian statuette carved to the likeness of your favorite Pokémon. Warning: Picking just one will be as hard as picking your starter at the beginning of a new game.

    bulbasaur shaped black stone

    17. A homework/WFH helper bundle for anyone who knows the secret to a successful work day is SUGAR. This colorful kit comes with a sprinkle notebook, gummy bear pencil cup, scented erasers, rainbow candy, and animal crackers to ensure your desk is the sweetest place to be.

    the kit with bag of colorful candy, gold gummy bear pencil cup, sprinkle notebook, gummy bear erasers, and box of animal crackers

    18. A pair of salt and pepper shakers that I pinky promise you absolutely need on your dinner table ASAP.

    19. An infectious disease coloring book oozing with hours of gross relaxation. This purchase is nothing to sneeze at.

    20. A teeny-tiny crossbody purse that my mother would gape at. There's no room for anything! Where would you put your tissues, lip balm, mints, back-up mints, caramels, kitchen sink, book, hair ties, full first-aid kit, and the largest wallet known to man?

    small black purse with long strap

    21. A bottle of invisible ink so you can keep all your love letters to your dog safe and secret.

    22. A six-pack of fruit-topped mini cheesecakes because you know what? You deserve six decadent treats. Two for each meal.

    six small cheesecakes with fruit or chocolate covered fruit on each

    23. A purrfectly adorable spoon almost as fun as those color-changing ones that came in cereal boxes.

    spoons with cats on the handles

    24. A satanic (but respectful!) pin that absolutely deserves a place on your lapel.

    pin with Baphomet with banner that says satan respects pronouns

    25. An angelic or devilish bandana to show off your good (or bad) side. Might as well get both for your two shoulders.

    26. A faux motel keychain that surely would have driven your parents batty.

    keychain with bat that says motel 666

    27. A miniature deck of tarot cards on a keychain so you can do readings on-the-go.

    plastic case with small tarot cards inside

    28. An enormous, five-pound bag of gummy bears, because you're financially independent and can buy your own candy, Halloween be damned.

    pile of gummy bears

    29. An oversized inflatable 20-sided die for ultra-dramatic rolls for initiative. May all your rolls be gigantic nat 20s.

    model holds huge inflatable die

    30. A pet stroller so you can take your pet iguana for a walk and startle people in the park.

    model pushes pet stroller

    31. A pack of cool socks with hidden designs on the toes, so you can rock a look that kid-you would love while still keeping it adult above the shoe.

    32. A set of sloth patterned sheets just as fun as the Barney sheets you grew up with.

    sheets with illustrated sloths on them

    33. A one-pound bag of cheese powder so you can enjoy some elevated "box" mac n cheese whenever you want.

    pot of gooey mac and cheese next to bag of powder

    34. And a miniature wacky waving inflatable tube man in case you wanna grow up to be a used Hot Wheels salesman and need something to draw in new customers.

    mini tube man on desk

    Here's to being impulsive and unsupervised.

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