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    27 Life-Saving Products That'll Keep Your Kids Occupied During A Snow Day

    Now even *parents* can get psyched about a snow day.

    1. A Grow N' Glow terrarium kit for creating a tiny garden that thrives even when it's snowing outside.

    2. A selection of Playfoam, or ~Floam~ as the older crowd knows it.

    3. A snowman kit complete with fake coal, a plastic carrot, pipe, hat, and scarf. It's great for anyone who doesn't want to sacrifice any of their own accessories for Frosty's ensemble.

    4. A gummy making device that makes candy creation easy (with adult supervision).

    5. A fun science kit with 11 STEM-centered activities to help stimulate your child's mind even when they're not in school.

    6. The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game — a game about collecting different colored acorns to feed your hungry friends. It's a great way to help young kids learn about colors.

    7. A cool kit that helps kids design their own aquatic snow globes to help them cope with the feeling of being trapped inside their own version of a one.

    8. A remote-control snow plow so your kids can have fun and you don't have to shovel.

    9. A bath bomb kit to make bath time lots of fun — no rubber ducky needed.

    10. A collection of mini Play-Doh containers so they can create masterpieces that rival the work of Alberto Giacometti and Niki de Saint Phalle.

    11. A pack of water beads your kids will love plunging their hands into. And when their hands are in the beads, they're not getting into trouble.

    12. A high-stakes game called Pie Face that will leave the losers with, well, pie on their face.

    13. An animal inner tube specially made for sledding down snowy hills. I mean, do you see their gnarly snow-goggles painted on? They're ready to shred.

    14. A huge box of Lego bricks that are going to be hell on your feet when you inevitably step on stray pieces, but heaven for your ears when your kids calm the heck down and start building.

    15. A "toy set" featuring a mop, duster, broom, and dustpan so you can con your kids into helping around the house.

    16. A snow ball shooter for pumping out snowballs almost as fast as Buddy the Elf.

    17. Or gadgets for manually crafting snowballs in a single motion.

    18. Oorrr, a plastic mold that creates fancy little snow penguins to guard their snow castle.

    19. A big box of white model magic for a reliable craft with endless possibilities.

    20. A bag of plastic balls so you can create a ball pit in your own home, free of McDonald's germs.

    21. A collection of fruit slices filled with every kid's favorite thing: slime! It won't satisfy their daily two servings of fruit, but it will satisfy their need to keep their hands busy.

    22. A coloring book featuring a crowd-pleaser like Dr. Seuss or a kid-pleaser like farting animals.

    23. A huge pack of gel pens for older kids looking to do some more advanced coloring.

    24. A set of snow castle molds so your kids can have the most fortified fortress on the block. Even Jon Snow will admire the craftsmanship.

    25. A Strawbees builder kit for your young architect to fiddle with after they're done building with snow.

    26. A balloon animal making kit so they can master the art and avoid any future run-ins with clowns.

    27. A set of colorful dominoes for creating masterpieces ready to be knocked down.

    28. A water table for summer fun even in the winter.

    29. A play tent we think your child will be bear-y satisfied with.

    30. A roll of street tape and a toy car, so your little city planner can create their own roadways.

    31. A bag of snowmen marshmallows to pop into a mug of hot chocolate when it's time to wind down.