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    28 Things That Will Give You Instant Heart Eyes

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    1. A unicorn charger that will grant your wish for more power on your phone.

    2. A sampler box of exfoliating sugar cubes to use in the shower or bath, so 2019 can be your softest skin year ever.

    3. A doggone adorable set of charger stickers so no one "accidentally" grabs yours by mistake.

    4. A dish riser to elevate both your plates and your decor.

    5. A set of helpful postcards that will uplift you and everyone you know with a mailbox.

    6. A sloth planter, because your cute houseplants should have equally cute homes.

    7. A rainbow cardigan you'll look great-ient in.

    8. A set of beautifully vibrant tarot cards to ensure that your future is bright.

    9. A pineapple home for all your pet fish with big fry cooker dreams.

    10. A sweater that should only be worn by someone truly awesome, aka YOU!

    11. A macrame wall hanging you'll think is a pretty ~crafty~ way to cover up all the nail holes in your wall.

    12. A pair of cat undies purrfect for everyday wear.

    13. A leaning ladder rack so you can store scarves, dry wet laundry, or show off your best purses in style.

    14. A set of edible butterflies that will make your cakes look so good, it'll make your heart flutter.

    15. A glass house you can't throw rocks in — but! you can place rocks and other terriarium items in it.

    16. A pair of slippers for the quirky lounger.

    17. A set of pretty food containers that work just as beautifully as they look.

    18. A pack of adorable pens with little rabbits and carrots sure to have you hopping with joy.

    19. A unicorn floatie tea infuser for a very ~pool~ way to enjoy a cup of tea.

    20. A calendar filled with rude birds, for people who would prefer something other than a pep talk in the morning.

    21. A pair of sparkly stockings to wear on days you want to give 'em the ole razzle-dazzle.

    22. A set of Golden Girls shot glasses so you and your friends can take a shot every time Rose tells another meandering story.

    23. A cactus tapestry to help your bedroom look ~sharp~.

    24. A set of twig barrettes for when you want to ~branch~ out with your hairstyles.

    25. A set out of landscape sticky notes that will feel like a breath of fresh air amongst your other stuffy office supplies.

    26. A pair of lightning boots sure to make you ~bolt~ to your wallet immediately.

    27. A moon face ring with an adjustable band so you can alter it to fit any finger. We know you go through ~phases~.

    28. And a pack of heart-shaped acne patches with results you'll really love.

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