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    23 Things For Anyone Who's Bad At Grocery Shopping

    Ever go to the grocery store and come back with just like, a tomato, ice cream, and a block of cheese? This stuff might help prevent that.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A meal planning pad that works like a personal assistant and helps you figure out what to eat and what to buy at the store. No more wandering the grocery store for an hour before surrendering to the frozen food section.

    hand removes shopping list from perforated notepad

    2. A sectioned coupon organizer to help get all your coupons in order so you can actually find that "buy one OJ, get one half off" coupon once you get to the juice aisle.

    3. A set of trolley bags that divide your groceries into sections, making unpacking a total breeze.

    left: bags rolled up and hanging from cart middle: bags are arranged in cart with different food in each right: another shot of the cart with hanging bag organizers

    4. A trolley dolly with a removable bag so you can safely transport your groceries, even if you have a long walk ahead of you.

    5. A cup holder that hooks onto your shopping cart so you can stay caffeinated and alert while scouring the aisles.

    cup holder inside of cart

    6. A colorful patterned Baggu to help you cut down on plastic grocery bag waste and look good doing it.

    7. Or a waxed canvas market tote if you want something fashionable for quick trips to the store or farmers market.

    grey square bag with brown straps

    8. And because I know you're gonna forget your reusable bags sometimes, a plastic bag organizer that's not, say, another plastic bag.

    metal container with top area to put in plastic bags

    9. A shopping bag strap that can fit up to 10 plastic bags at once. That's right, all the bags are coming inside in just one trip!

    10. An organic hand sanitizer to rid your hands of germs before you pick up and put down the same can of beans 100 times. Was this the brand you like? Hmmm.

    11. A heavy-duty insulated bag that'll keep your frozen food cold while you amble around the aisles looking for one last item.

    12. And some slim ice packs to really keep things cold.

    four thin ice packs

    13. Super strong, reusable grocery bags that are good for the environment and even better for your own peace of mind — no more crying over spilled milk after your plastic bags rip in the parking lot.

    14. A set of produce containers for keeping your fruit and veggies fresher for longer. No more rushing home to gorge yourself on berries because you accidentally bought too many.

    left: big fresh strawberry that says "stored in produce saver" right: wrinkled strawberry that says from original container

    15. A rolling utility cart that'll happily carry all your heavy groceries for you. The days of passing by that 12-pack of seltzer because it's too heavy are OVER.

    metal cart

    16. Shopping cart handles to keep your hands and the cart a safe distance from each other.

    Two white handles that hook onto a shopping cart

    17. A set of mesh produce bags that are so much better than the plastic produce bags at the store.

    18. A pair of grocery bag holders for anyone looking to avoid those horrible indents from carrying too many bags the usual way.

    two models use the handles to hold multiple bags

    19. A cushioned cart cover to keep your little one safe and cozy while shopping because the last thing you need is your kid licking the raw chicken breast you just put in the cart.

    20. A collapsible box bag that keeps its shape, making it easier to throw items in as you roam the aisles.

    21. A standing clipboard to hold your phone, calculator, and grocery list. Look, sometimes you need a calculator right in your face to remind you to stick to the shopping list.

    clipboard that hooks onto cart handle

    22. A printable seasonal produce poster so you're always on top of what fresh veggies to buy. *consults poster* Time to stock up on tomatoes!

    produce poster that shows when each vegetable or fruit is in season

    23. And if all else fails, a subscription to EveryPlate, a service that will just ship you everything you need to create delicious homemade meals.

    box with two meal and some produce around it

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