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    38 Fun And Quirky Things To Wear When You're Sick Of Boring Clothes

    Look snappy, not snooze-worthy.

    1. A tasseled cardigan you'll be over the moon for when you realize it works over both summer outfits and swimsuits.

    2. A pair of hoops with hanging porcelain birds that'll be the perfect companions to bring to Disneyland's Enchanted Tiki Room.

    3. A printed fanny pack that's both practical and fun.

    4. An ice cream cone-dotted skater dress that'll serve as your official uniform as you try every soft serve place in the tristate area.

    5. A bright and innovative belt you can simply tug to tighten.

    6. An embroidered skirt for people who think carpets have some seriously stealable style.

    7. A rainbow knit cardigan you'll look great-ient in.

    8. A patterned A-line skirt for such an on-point retro look, people may start to suspect you have a time machine that you use strictly for shopping.

    9. A pair of sparkly tights ready to add that special sparkle to your outfit that you've been searching for.

    10. A linen jumpsuit so you can look put-together and super comfy at the same dang time.

    11. A lacy sheer dress thing you can drape over any summer outfit to add some witchy allure without totally overheating.

    12. A set of — folks, get this — FIFTY FREAKING chokers so your neck can get a hug from a different necklace every day of the month.

    13. A Mickey Mouse-covered collar dress for anyone who never left their "wears Disney every single day" phase.

    14. A pack of trendy, oversized faux-pearl hair clips you won't be able to clam up about.

    15. Or a faux-pearl-dusted headband for dazzling headwear that's still chic enough to wear all the time.

    16. An elephant tank you'll never forget about in your closet.

    17. A hummingbird faux collar to add a little birdy charm to any sweater or crewneck dress.

    18. A mega cropped tee featuring everyone's favorite flamin' hot mascot.

    19. A pair of cat-covered pants you need on your legs right meow!

    20. A pack of bold hanging earrings that'll have all eyes on you, literally.

    21. A sheer, floral peplum top you'll learn to wear only on days you feel like saying "thank you" a million times. You'll get that many compliments!

    22. A pair of heart-shaped sunglasses with absolutely NO business being that adorable. Security, take these offensively cute sunnies away!

    23. A camo tee with cut-out shoulder and faux worn holes for looking like you got in a fight with some scissors but won because you're a tough, well-dressed soldier.

    24. A pair of peace sign pants that somehow make having a wallet chain look cool again.

    25. A dino-mite skater dress that'll be a hoot to wear.

    26. A pair of polka dot pants sure to be an instant fave. Just be prepared for Betty Boop knocking down your door trying to steal 'em.

    27. Platform sandals to really elevate your style.

    28. A tie-dye shirt dress that's simply to-dye for.

    29. An asparagus shift dress for anyone who would rather wear than eat their vegetables.

    30. A pair of sequin shorts you don't need to wait for a formal event to debut. Wear these to the DMV and blow everyone away with your sparkly butt.

    31. A striped tee your inner '90s kid is demanding you get — right after feeding your Tamagotchi.

    32. An absurd-but-adorable crossbody purse for anyone ready to flamingle.

    33. An enamel pin to spruce up an otherwise boring hat, jacket, tote, or whatever.

    34. A floral shift dress you'll look downright foxy in.

    35. A patterned skirt so unique, you'll probably be asked where you got it like 1,000 times.

    36. A pair of Hush Puppies that take one look at dad sneakers and say "hold my beer." These grandpa-inspired shoes have velcro, making them the envy of both the old and young.

    37. A squiggly bodysuit to make you look like you're late for your job at the macaroni art factory.

    38. And a splurge-worthy pair of mules so egg-cellent, it might actually be a good investment.

    Get a look that makes everyone say "meow wow!"

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