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    30 Cool Things To Buy From Lesser Known Stores

    A spice subscription service, laundry balls inspired by coral, a matte gold razor, and more.

    1. A powder shampoo that lathers up quite nicely once you add water. It'll last way longer than regular shampoo because it's not diluted with water.

    hand holds small blue bottle that says "moondust"

    2. A sweatshirt dress for anyone still clinging to their favorite hoodie even though they know hot weather is coming.

    model wears the short sleeve dress in olive

    3. U-lace shoelaces that are stretchy so you can turn any pair of shoes into slip-ons.

    4. A natural surface spray that'll help clean every inch of your house. Love a multi-tasker.

    Surface cleaner being sprayed onto stainless steel countertops

    5. A subscription to Piquant Post so you can broaden your horizons, palate-wise.

    four packages of spaces and recipe cards coming out of an envelope. the top recipe says vietnamese pho

    6. A heart lollipop umbrella that'll make you actually excited to step outside when it's raining.

    a white umbrella with illustrated pink heart lollipops

    7. A made-to-order ceramic planter with a fun design, because your favorite plant friend deserves a nice home.

    a collection of white pots with black patterns like dogs, polka dots, and boobs in different sizes

    8. A knitting kit with everything you need to make your very own adorable tee. Turns out you're the best fashion designer.

    9. A brightening face mask made with 100% pure, edible fruits like lucuma, papaya, and sea buckthorn perry. It smells tropical, is packed with vitamin C, and gently exfoliates your skin. Just add water to activate.

    10. A pair of adorable patterned socks that'll look good with any shoes you throw over them — gnome saying?

    model wears red socks with tiny gnome pattern

    11. A cute animal mug with a built-in diffuser you'll definitely fauna over.

    12. A whimsical jumpsuit you'll go absolutely bananas for.

    model wears short sleeve jumpsuit covered in bananas

    13. An airtight silicone lid that's effective and eco-friendly. Just pop it over any container and throw it in the fridge! Easy.

    14. A splurge-worthy, matte gold razor to ensure that every shave session makes you feel like a million bucks. If you're someone who prefers to shave, this is an Au-some option.

    a model holds a matte gold razor to leg

    15. A Blathers sweatshirt, because everyone is always saying you should dress for the job you want.

    black crewneck sweatshirt with the owl from animal crossing that says "blathers' museum paleontology department"

    16. A kid-friendly wooden knife that can chop soft foods but not fingers. Your little sous chef can finally do more than just lick the spoon.

    Two children using wooden blocks with handles to cut apples

    17. A bottle of Easy Come, Easy Glow — a shimmery spray that'll make you feel like the magical fairy queen that you are.

    18. An Always Pan, which is angling to become the only pan you ever reach for when cooking. It has an ultra slippery nonstick surface, a vented top, a mesh basket for steaming, and a high quality spoon that hooks onto the handle.

    pan shown with top, spoon, and mesh basket

    19. A delicious-looking candy necklace that has tiny enamel Hansel and Gretel figurines hidden behind the cotton candy charm. What a sweet surprise!

    20. A Disney baseball cap featuring your dream home. If only...

    lavender hat with cinderella's castle on it, in front of the actual castle in disneyland

    21. A peace sign vase sure to make your space feel more peaceful. That's just common sense. Peace sign in home = peaceful home.

    matte mint vase shaped like peace sign

    22. A dip clip so you can keep your sauces safely secured while in the car.

    A red flat container with two holes for dipping sauce is clipped to a car vent

    23. A Poketo x Corkcicle canteen in a lovely terrazzo pattern to make all your park trips extra stylish.

    hand holds white canteen with flecks of yellow, blue, green, and red

    24. A Golden Girls magnet that'll be a friend and let you know whether the dishes are clean or dirty — unless of course you pull a Rose and forget to turn the magnet.

    A hard enamel magnet that says clean with an illustration of Rose on it and upside down says dirty with Blanche on it

    25. A VERY cool microfiber laundry ball inspired by how coral filters the ocean. It collects microfibers shed by clothes so you can snag them all and dispose of them properly.

    laundry ball made of a hard material with loops all over it

    26. A very fun bar of soap sure to make hand-washing an enjoyable experience.

    a bar of clear soap with colorful striped rainbow stripes of soap embedded inside

    27. An adorable house-shaped tea bag dispenser that'll be way better than just stuffing a bunch of tea bag boxes into your cabinet.

    house with door-shaped slot with tea bags inside

    28. A tiered mesh top to add some extra texture to your outfit.

    a model wears the polka dot black mesh top over jeans

    29. A pair of Suavs high-tops with a nice and stretchy knit exterior made from recycled plastic bottles) for a breathable, super comfortable fit.

    writer harper hendrickson wears the shoes

    30. A chunky glasses chain so you can ensure your favorite sunnies stay safe AND score an extra opportunity to accessorize. More is more, if you ask me.

    If you already knew all these brands, congrats on being a shopping expert! Share your favorite small businesses that could use some love in the comments.

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