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    Food52's Airtight Silicone Lids Are The Answer To So Many Of Your Kitchen Woes

    From making food storage a snap to simplifying cooking on the stove, these lids *literally* have you covered.

    I cook a ton and write about products for a living, so you bet I have some strong opinions about kitchen tools and accessories.

    But the things I reach for most often and easily the most versatile tools in my kitchen are Food52's Airtight Silicone Lids.

    They come in a pack of five varied sizes that are prepared to take on almost any task. They're heat-safe to 550 degrees, are BPA- and BPS-free, can be used in the freezer and the microwave, and are dishwasher-safe, so no matter the job, they're up for it.

    the five lids drying on a dish drying rack

    The lids are perfect to use on the stove. I know at my house, it can feel impossible to find the matching lid to every pot and pan, and some don't even have one to begin with, so these come majorly in handy for stove-top coving in a pinch.

    large blue lid on a dutch oven on the stove bent back to reveal tomato sauce

    If you're looking for the perfect substitute for plastic wrap, these lids were made for you. I use them to cover half-empty cans, bowls of dough, containers of leftovers, or anything else that needs to be nestled safely in the fridge.

    The lids are *seriously* airtight. I can pick up a heavy bowl of cookie dough with just the handle from this light lid! This means they're great for tasks that require a true seal, like letting bread dough rise overnight.

    I cannot sing the praises of these well-designed wonders enough. They're one of those items that make you say "How did I ever live without this?" Need to cover a pot to make water boil faster? They're there. Need to cover something before putting it in the microwave? You guessed it, they're there.

    mug with a small pink lid going into a microwave

    Get a set of five for yourself from Food52 for $40. For their versatility, easy clean-up, and plain usefulness, I say they're well worth it.

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