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    33 Things You Don't Need But Will Definitely Buy Anyway

    Chip clips, cheddar cheese powder, a spinning Harry Potter pin, and more stuff that you don't need, but definitely want.

    1. A set of literal chip clips — need I say more? Chip clips!

    2. A summery co-ord for people looking to spend less time building outfits and more time soaking up the sun.

    3. Stupid Deaths — a board game for anyone with a morbid sense of humor.

    4. A Gudetama-inspired blusher with acai berry, kakadu, and acerola extracts to make this blush your number one fave.

    5. No Sugar Aloud — a sugar- and gluten-free brownie mix that's already divvied up into baking cups for easy and fast treats that everyone can enjoy.

    6. A pair of bookends with a space for flowers, cards, or other knickknacks. Everything is more fun when it's customizable!

    7. A stemless wine glass that just really gets you, you know?

    8. A lamp from Drew Barrymore's new Flower Home collection that, let's face it, is super cute.

    9. A sweatshirt to throw on once you hang up those arm socks for good.

    10. A welcome mat that lets your guests know right away what great taste you have!

    11. A pair of sharp-looking cactus socks that'll make you wanna kick off your shoes.

    12. A miniature wacky waving inflatable tube man to add a little fun to your desk and possibly help you unload some used Hot Wheels.

    13. A pint glass to nervously sip on while not knowing ANYTHING about what could happen in the next episode of GoT.

    14. Or a Jon Snow globe so winter can come whenever you want with just a shake.

    15. A pack of cheddar cheese powder so you can have tasty "box" mac n cheese, but with any pasta or pasta alternative you'd like.

    16. A baby foot peeling kit to give you the silky soft feet you've always wanted.

    17. A reusable, compact bag from BAGGU so you can do away with plastic bags without feeling burdened by carrying around a bunch of tote bags everywhere.

    18. Yoshi's Crafted World for Switch, aka the cutest game ever made.

    19. An eyeliner with a stamp side so you can wing it in the morning and just stamp your makeup on.

    20. A new bikini to invest in now so you'll be prepared when beach weather finally hits.

    21. And a bright, geometric towel that's both cute and super soft to make your beach trip complete.

    22. A stick-on window film featuring a tiny cityscape so you can get the privacy that only comes with the anonymity of big city living.

    23. A nostalgic Homesick candle that smells like your favorite state plus a cool tote bag to match!

    24. A curse-laden journal to help you vent and get things done with the proficiency of a sailor. A sailor-mouthed person, anyway.

    25. A shaker of Trader Joe's Everything but the Bagel seasoning featuring sesame seeds, salt, garlic, and onion. Why should bagels be the only food with this amazing seasoning?

    26. A warp pipe toothbrush holder, because even Goomba-fighting plumbers need to practice good oral hygiene.

    27. A four-pack of childlike cereal for adults. They taste like the cereal of your childhood, just without a monstrous amount of sugar.

    28. A set of mermaid makeup brushes that will fit in ~swimmingly~ with the rest of your beauty supplies.

    29. A live, self-sustaining Venus fly trap lightbulb you can watch flourish, no matter what color your thumb is. You can remove and replant when it gets too big!

    30. An out-of-this-world soap for anyone who stills laughs when they hear Uranus.

    31. An easy-to-care-for prickly pear cactus that will make a sweet addition to your home. That's a pun on pears being sweet but please don't eat your new green friend!

    32. A pair of summer sneaks to help celebrate the end of boot weather.

    33. And a Quidditch enamel pin that has a lil' Harry who actually SPINS like MAGIC! I'll take 20, thanks.

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