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    21 Subtle Sex Toys That Don't Look Like Sex Toys

    Hey, wait a minute....

    1. An eggplant vibrator sure to encourage you to eat your veggies.

    vibrator shaped like purple eggplant

    2. A classy necklace simple enough that no one would ever think is secretly a vibrator. A step up from Tiffany's jewelry, tbh.

    long silver pendant on long chain

    3. A charming cactus figure that'll look sharp in your room when not in use.

    ridged dildos shaped like cacti, one with an arm

    4. A pack of Tenga eggs so beating eggs now has a whole new meaning.

    a six pack of eggs with different patterns

    5. A pair of minimalist handcuffs that are way less clunky than the usual kind and will lead to way less Gerald's Game situations.

    6. A little friend you can throw in your purse and keep on hand whenever you need to reach that big O.

    small pink vibrator

    7. Cherry-shaped kegel balls for a sweet way to exercise your pelvic floor and possibly heighten sensitivity.

    six pink and purple cherries in different weights

    8. A glow-in-the-dark cock ring to prove that turning the lights off during sex can be more exciting.

    glow in the dark circles

    9. A thicc-ass chicken you can easily display on your shelf. No one has to know that you yank its head off so you can get off.

    10. A subtle gold-colored ring sure to look fab on your finger and feel fab...elsewhere.

    quartz-like shaped ring

    11. A nice smelling candle that turns into massage oil when it melts. Love a good multi-tasker!

    three candles with circular handle on the lids

    12. A cute vibrator that will have you singing "rubber ducky, you're the one, you make bath time lots of fun." ;)

    classic rubber ducky

    13. A little mushroom butt plug sure to make all your cottagecore dreams come true. You can hide it in your garden and no one would be the wiser. You shouldn't do that, because hygiene, but YOU COULD!

    butt plug that looks like red capped mushroom with yellow base

    14. A UFO-shaped vibe that I want to believe will make you cum.

    small rubbery ufo toy

    15. A little mini vibe that looks just like a tube of lipstick so no one will be the wiser if you want to keep it right on your vanity for easy access.

    vibrator that looks like plastic lipstick

    16. A glass pepper dildo for spicing things up in the bedroom.

    glass pepper dildo that curves downward at the end

    17. A silicone corn cob sure to deliver some eye-popping results. Best part? It's heat-sensitive and changes colors!

    18. A rose quartz dildo that can just as easily be a paperweight to keep all your Goop article print-outs together.

    hand holds pink quartz dildo with slight curve

    19. A triple texture stroker that can double as a futuristic candle stick holder.

    20. Bellesa's Diskeet Air, which is their most discreet model but don't worry — it's also their most powerful suction vibrator. Its clamshell case makes it easy to subtly travel with.

    pink suction vibe with rounded handle that fits in circular case

    21. And we can't forget a fleshlight, one of the original secret sex toys.

    model holds flashlight with vagina inside

    Me looking at some of these things:

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