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    Just 32 Edible Gifts That Everyone Will Love

    The fastest way to your loved ones' hearts is through their stomachs.

    1. A variety box of chocolate-covered fruit from Harry & David, AKA one of the most reliable treats on the market.

    2. A set of hot cocoa sticks you won't have to ~dip~ into your savings to buy for all your friends and family.

    3. A set of beer jellies to inspire your giftee to get ~crafty~ with their food creations.

    4. A subscription to Candy Club — the perfect gift for anyone with an insatiable sweet tooth.

    5. A bottle of Mike's Honey so good, they'll consider drizzling it straight into their mouth.

    6. Or some salted honey for the sweet and savory crowd.

    7. A happy snowman cookie jar chock-full of holiday cheer (and raspberry-filled shortbread cookies).

    8. An assortment of cashews, pistachios, walnuts, mixed nuts, pecans, and almonds you do ~nut~ want to miss out on gifting.

    9. A set of waffle or peppermint shots, so they can make a sweet toast in your honor.

    10. A Carnivore Club box for the meat-lover in your life.

    11. A bag of sour Hi-Chew candies they'll ~tart~ thanking you for immediately.

    12. A mustard sampler pack for helping bring their sandwich game up a notch.

    13. A fun popcorn set with eye-popping packaging to make it the perfect gift.

    14. A salami bouquet, because sometimes flowers simply aren't enough.

    15. A box of British candy for the Anglophile who misses the snack selection across the pond.

    16. Or some snacks from Japan, because colorful treats are the best kind of treats.

    17. A variety pack of savory banana chips for a quick and delicious snack they won't be able to stop thinking about.

    18. Amazingly decadent chocolate-covered macaroons from Michelle's Maccs that come in small packages but have big flavor.

    19. A Paris apértif box filled with lots of Parisian treats. Will this make you their favorite person? Qui!

    20. A pack of six boxes of Banza — a chickpea-based pasta substitute for the recipient who wants less carbs, and more protein and "mmm"s.

    21. A set of zombie hot sauces with fans who are ~dead~ serious about how good they are.

    22. A fancy black label box of chocolate bars for the classy snacker in your life.

    23. A Hickory Farms gift box bursting with all the meats and sweets they could ever need.

    24. A bag of reindeer farts (cotton candy) to give at your next White Elephant party. It'll be a toot!

    25. A box of Tcho chocolate in a delightfully wintery box, because we all know cute packaging is half the battle with gifts.

    26. A FIVE-POUND bag of Haribo gummy bears — expect a thank you note from them and their dentist.

    27. A duo of goat's milk caramel sauce to take their desserts to new heights. You know, like how goats climb great heights. You get it.

    28. A pack of snowmen marshmallows with contagious smiles to add the finishing touch on a perfect mug of hot cocoa.

    29. A set of truffle oils so they can stop overpaying for the stuff at the restaurants and just put it on everything they make at home.

    30. A pack of out-of-this-world space lollipops they'll be over the moon for.

    31. A jerky subscription you should chew-se if you're trying to win Christmas.

    32. Or if all else fails, a tin of classic Williams Sonoma peppermint bark — the greatest holiday treat OF ALL TIME.

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