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    49 Inexpensive Gifts You'll Want To Buy Two Of

    Everything's under $20, so you can buy one for someone else *and* one for yourself.

    1. A deck of The Golden Girls playing cards; each of our favorite ladies has her own suit (Blanche is hearts, DUH!) to give your next game night a little extra pizazz.

    2. A Dash mini waffle maker in a favorite color so you can enjoy all the perks of a brunch out in the comfort of your own home. Now you & your bestie can make waffles, Facetime each other and gab — without having to put on real pants or go outside.

    3. A 2019 Jeopardy desk calendar for the trivia buff who wants to prepare for their eventual game show domination. Each day has a different question and wager amount, so you can keep track of your ~score~ throughout the year.

    4. An 18K gold–dipped initial necklace hung on an angle for a fashion-forward addition to your outfit — you can find expensive versions of this necklace at tons of high-end stores.

    5. A Death Star kitchen timer, because the stakes really are that high if you leave your famous casserole or brownie bars in the oven too long. The fate of your meal plan(et) hangs in the balance.

    6. A 10-pack of sheet masks packed with vitamins, minerals, and Icelandic glacier water to refresh and hydrate your skin after you've been thoroughly stressed — after all that gift shopping, you deserve these. You can even split the pack up for easy stocking stuffers!

    7. An iridescent Snitch fidget spinner you can play with wherever you go, just like James Potter in days of yore.

    8. A minimalist print of Elaine's iconic and hilarious moves for anyone who dances to the beat of their own drum — and looks darn good doing it.

    9. A stylish and compact crossbody bag with built-in credit card slots (that are also RFID-protected) and a main compartment for your phone, glasses, and lipstick so you can find everything you need at a glance.

    10. A pair of sweary socks for anyone who is thinking about creating an Instagram account just for their dog (or has done so already), because filling our feeds with their furry friends deserves to be rewarded.

    11. A llama-shaped duster to serve as a reward for cleaning the house from attic to basement regularly this year (...or vacuuming just once, I don't know your life!).

    12. A Breakfast at Tiffany's-inspired eye mask for anyone who's either a big Audrey Hepburn fan, Big Little Lies fan, or both!

    13. A decoder ring you'll basically *have* to buy two of so you and your bestie can pass secret messages only you can crack.

    14. A two-in-one facial cleansing brush with one silicone side for deeper exfoliation and a gentle bristled side for gentle cleansing. It's like giving a facial over and over (and over and over) again — for under $10.

    15. An elegant pour-over coffee maker for a fancy five-star hotel room service style brew in the comfort of your own home.

    16. A Karity liquid lipstick (or a couple), because at $6 a pop, these stunning long-wear colors are just begging to be bought in bulk.

    17. An almost-too-sleek stainless steel card wallet that'll fit into the smallest clutch purse or pocket you have. That means more room for the four lipsticks you have to have with you at all times.

    18. A unicorn bust with a secret of mythical proportions — its horn is actually a functional pen! This is the way to take your work space from cubicle to cubi~cool~.

    19. A Game of Thrones bottle opener shaped like the emblem of the Hand of the King, meaning it's the perfect gift for anyone who lives by the quote "I drink and I know things."

    20. A pair of socks to wear with your Hallmark film buddy so everyone knows not to interrupt you guys — unless they're bringing you sustenance to complete your weekend-long movie marathon

    21. And an insanely cozy pair of headphone earmuffs so you can jam out to your favorite songs while taking long winter strolls so you can feel like you're in the most dramatic part of said Hallmark holiday film masterpiece.

    22. A miniature Bluetooth speaker masquerading as a retro radio to prove your "R-E-S-P-E-C-T" for your giftee.

    23. A pouch of prosecco bath bombs that'll give your next soak in the tub an extra dose of luxury.

    24. A pack of generous-sounding coasters for anyone who appreciates a good pun *and* keeping their precious furniture safe from water marks.

    25. A pretty 22-ounce water bottle with a textured silicone sleeve and handle to ~get a grip~ on staying hydrated in 2019.

    26. A pair of hairy-good slippers you're basically contractually obligated to wear while binge watching the whole extended edition of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

    27. Other-Wordly, a beautifully illustrated collection of unique words from languages around the world any bibliophile would love to ~check out~.

    28. A wedge ice cube set that'll perfectly chill any libation WITHOUT watering it down — and it also happens to look really cool.

    29. A T. Rex stoneware jar that'll look dinomite on any kitchen shelf. And it's the only jar you've seen that accurately represents your never-ending appetite for all things cookie.

    30. An adorable enamel pin featuring the most iconic line from holiday classic Elf. If you disagree, congrats on your wrong opinion.

    31. A toasty fleece-lined beanie to finally put an end to that frustrating forehead itch from 100% wool hats. Cuteness, comfort, and warmth — we really *can* have it all.

    32. A gift box of scrumptious chocolate-covered pretzels, because even if you've been ~salty~ all year, you can make up for it with a sweet treat.

    33. Tonymoly Pantone-inspired lip care sticks to nourish dry winter lips (and fit into your aesthetic), thanks to a blend of camellia/rosehip/peppermint oils, shea butter, and manuka honey.

    34. An extra large skull ice cube mold for the ~coolest~ drink of all time — and like a "king cube," you only need one per glass!

    35. An 18-shade eyeshadow palette that'll deliver Sephora name brand–results, for a "wait, you only spent HOW much?!" price.

    36. A book of RuPaul's Drag Race paper dolls to gift the person you've watched every season with. And then also give to yourself, because "if you can't love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?"

    37. A cheeky floral cup that'll ~spill the tea~ on what's *actually* inside.

    38. A pair of rhinestone-bedecked hair clips for immediately improving any bad hair day.

    39. A truly tiny Bluetooth speaker that'll pack a punch when it comes to sound quality. Good things come in small packages.

    40. A Stassi Schroeder–inspired wine glass for the person who is not allowed to watch the new season of Vanderpump Rules without you.

    41. A pair of cushiony inserts that'll transform any pair of shoes into Uggs.

    42. A throwback-style Caboodle to *finally* organize all those beauty products — and do touchups, thanks to the build-in mirror.

    43. A copy of BuzzFeed's Tasty's Latest and Greatest cookbook filled with recipes from the most popular and delicious videos you've shared with each other, plus step-by-step photos to make sure everything looks how it's *supposed* to along the way.

    44. An extra large scarf that'll basically be like giving the gift of the coziest warmest hug — but this'll last longer and won't make your arms fall asleep.

    45. A travel journal designed in lists so any experienced wanderer or wanderlust-filled beginner can create bucket lists, document the places they've been and want to go, etc., and look back on it in the years to come.

    46. A pair of rose gold earbuds so pretty, you'll never even *let* yourself lose them.

    47. A poop emoji-shaped portable power bank, because running out of phone battery is a ~crappy~ situation already.

    48. A light-up photo box you can customize with your favorite pic of the two of you together — and write a cute message on in dry erase marker. It's like a card and gift all in one!

    49. Werewolf, a sneaky party game you need to order for your friend group ASAP — especially if you love the game Mafia.

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