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    36 Cute Things To Wear In 2021 That Are Also Ridiculously Comfy-Looking

    Nap- and photo-worthy finds.

    1. A flowy long sleeve frock you can just throw on and go.

    2. A comfortable lacy bra offering a ton of support.

    model wears lacy wire bra

    3. A boxy mini dress that gives off major explorer vibes, even if you're just exploring the depths of your snuggliest blanket.

    model wears tan dress with big front pockets

    4. A sweatshirt with more fluff than any teddy bear I've ever seen.

    5. An oversized colorblock cardigan to wear over pretty much any outfit — layering is so important this season.

    reviewer wears long cardigan with three colors blocks

    6. A color-block pullover sweater because I kinda think everyone needs one! They're comfy and go with everything.

    sweater that is horizontally half orange and half peach

    7. A matching set bringing back a style classic: PLEATS!

    green pleated pants and top

    8. A loose dress that will make you look cute as a button.

    9. A cardigan-style mini dress for anyone looking to be the best-dressed person snuggling on the couch.

    dress that looks like buttoned up black cardigan with white embellishment and gold buttons and white belt

    10. A pair of snuggly combat boots that are surely what Metric was singing about in "Combat Baby."

    11. A classic turtleneck because hey, every wardrobe needs one. Think of it has a sweater that gives your neck a gentle hug all day.

    model wears white sweater with wide sleeves

    12. A fuzzy jacket to help you nail that Muppet-chic look.

    13. A no-nonsense maxi ready to go to great ~lengths~ to make you look good.

    14. A pair of satin pants to give you that lovely "swish swish" while you walk. The luxury! The comfort! The style!!!

    silky pants with orange, grey, and purple paint swirl design

    15. An oversized cashmere sweater you can get lost in just as easily as a good book next to a roaring fire.

    16. A pair of stretchy trousers that feel like leggings but look like fancy work slacks. Leisurewear disguised as work clothes is a mood!

    model wears leggings with side seams

    17. A scalloped crop sweatshirt you may be shellfish about and never lend to anyone.

    reviewer wears scallop bottom sweatshirt

    18. A cowl neck sweater you'll fall for faster than the leaves outside.

    19. A slouchy pullover sweater that's still lightweight, so you can wear it even when the apartment's heat is blasting.

    model wears oversized sweater with loose knit

    20. A very stylish pajama set that could be considered formalwear at this point. I never thought of myself as a pajama person, but now...?

    21. A long leopard cardi for when you're feline like mixing up your style.

    model wears cardigan with oversized leopard print

    22. A long-sleeve bodycon dress that hugs you just as nicely as you hug your teddy bear.

    23. A knotted waffle top for looking sweeter than syrup.

    24. Checked leggings that look office-ready, even if your office under a blanket on the couch.

    model wears black and white checked leggings

    25. Fleece-lined stockings – they're so warm and cozy, you'll never want spring to come.

    leggings rolled down to show fleece inside

    26. A crop sweater with a tie-back you do ~knot~ want to miss out on.

    27. A brimmed beanie cap for when your normal paperboy hat isn't keeping your noggin warm enough.

    knit oversized beanie with brim

    28. A hoodie dress that proves that you can wear a dress and be super casual at the same time.

    29. A rainbow cardigan to help fight off the cold weather blues.

    model wears rainbow cardigan

    30. A floral skater dress you'll never say "see you later, boy" to.

    31. High-rise joggers that are just a liiiittle fancier than regular sweatpants.

    model wears simple black joggers

    32. An ultra comfy plunging bralette to help you avoid those "rip your bra off the second you can" moments.

    burnt orange bralette and underwear

    33. A shift dress with cut-out shoulders, so your shoulders can get once last glimpse of the sun before they have to go away until April.

    34. A striped, long cardigan that would look really cute paired with a cup of hot apple cider, just saying.

    model wears long white cardi with thin black stripes

    35. A fancy but stretchy maxi dress so you can look formal and also hide the sneakers you're wearing underneath.

    36. And a lounge set in a sailor-approved striped pattern. Ahoy, great style ahead!

    model wears matching striped shorts and long sleeve shirt

    Me doing a happy dance in my new comfy clothes.

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