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    23 Cheap Knick-Knacks That’ll Help Brighten Your Day

    Tchotchkes, brick-a-brack, toys, figures, and other little things to make you smile.

    1. A pack of squishy little animal friends you can poke and squeeze to your heart's delight.

    2. A lotus cotton swab holder to add a little greenery to your bathroom.

    3. A tiny panda stapler that's bear-y efficient at keeping your files together.

    4. A pack of kodama you can sprinkle throughout your garden to watch over your plants.

    5. A mini cactus and planter that's so low-maintenance, even the least responsible plant owners can keep it alive.

    6. A bronze ring holder that's ~swan~ attractive way to keep your jewelry.

    7. A mini cooling/heating pad to keep close when you're feeling in the pits.

    8. A handheld light you'll be over the moon for.

    9. A blind box dessert kitty keychain that's a sweet treat you'll want to throw in your cart right meow.

    10. A pack of animal erasers you may never actually use because they're too cute.

    11. A set of garden figures that will feel purrfectly at home nestled up under the leaves of your houseplant.

    12. A mini model of Starbucks coffee so squee-worthy, you'll want to get one in every flavor.

    13. A Bob Ross or Mr. Rogers Funko doll that'll probably be pretty relaxing to have around.

    14. A set of well-dressed sheep ewe wool love showing off to everyone.

    15. A frog figure you can stick to the side of your monitor so you always have a friend checking in on you.

    16. A Harry Potter blind box with the potential to get one of eight different characters plus a little friend.

    17. A smug-looking Garfield in case you're suffering from a case of the Mondays.

    18. A cat-tastic desk hook happy to hold your purse, headphones, or keys.

    19. A cactus ornament because it's never too soon to start hoarding them.

    20. And a felt, noodle-eating dinosaur ornament who is clearly still in college.

    21. A trio of panda stress toys you can squeeze the living daylights out of.

    22. Golden Girls playing cards featuring all the characters you know and love.

    23. A mini boxing set so you can punch out your frustrations at your desk.

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