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10 Movie Dinner Parties You Wish You Could Crash

Sometimes, the popcorn sitting in your lap is just not as good as the food on screen.

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10. Hook

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Who knew Play-Doh was so appetizing.

9. Pulp Fiction

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Because the Martin Lewis shake is always worth the five dollars. And there are several great food scenes in this flick.

8. Ratatouille

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The most appetizing, thinly sliced, animated vegetables prepared by a rat that ever hit the big screen.

7. Heavyweights

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Do not even try to attempt to deny your inner fat kid of all that salt and sugar glory. Go ahead, dunk your head in that cream pie.

6. Eat, Pray, Love

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Just watch this movie for every single food-related Italy scene. The only parts that are worthwhile, but these scenes are sooo worth it.

5. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

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They may want to snap you like a chicken, but you know you want a taste of what this family made for Easter dinner.

4. A Christmas Story

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Chinese food on Christmas and/or New Years is so underrated, but not after this movie made it a staple... and I am still trying to figure out if when they chop off the duck head, if the Mom is crying or laughing.

3. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

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Every kid who ever saw this movie has dreamed of consuming all of the chocolate in that river, just like Augustus Gloop tried to do.

2. My Best Friend's Wedding

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Let's be real, this was one fun, boozy brunch if everyone breaks out into song. And when you get a shot of the table, the food doesn't look half bad. Why does spontaneous, heartfelt singing and dancing not happen more often over a family-style meal? Please come find me if you are interested in belting out some Diana Ross with a mimosa in your right hand and a waffle in your left. I'm down.

1. Julie and Julia

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Really, the whole movie just makes you salivate. What I really want is the Lobster Thermidor she makes. Wowzaaa. Take out all the aspics and give me more butter.

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