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  • An Alphabetical Guide To Sunday-Funday Preparedness

    Hell yeah, it’s Friday! You know what that means? It’s almost Sunday-Funday. Adulthood has bequeathed a wonderful gift upon humanity - the Sunday-Funday. It’s like being a little kid loving again, but better. Why, you ask? Because now you can drink alcohol. And do whatever the hell you want. Yeah, Friday is pretty awesome, but where is the football? And yeah, maybe work looms over your head on Sunday nights, but toss those responsibilities out the window right now! You have been given one, joyous day of drunken, bodily debauchery and you need to go all in for it. Pretend you have your 10 year-old metabolism back and junk eat your adult heart out. Beer! Football! Burp jokes! WINGS!!!!!!!!!!! Here is what you need to have in advance of your Sunday-Funday activities… nothing spoils the fun more than running out of Tostitos or having to make an emergency stop at CVS.

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