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    We Were All Anne Hathaway In The '00s

    She was us, we was her.

    Anne Hathaway is a beautiful human swan, the star of many of the best ever movies, and also a wonderful, awkward goddess that many people relate to.

    Here are some of the highlights from Anne's '00s wardrobe, which was all of our '00s wardrobes...

    1. The time we wore a purple "going out top" and jeans on a glam night out.

    2. The big five: double denim, skinny scarf, the colour pink, tiny handbag, and strappy sandals.

    3. The classic "sexy office shirt" and pencil skirt look. At a party.

    4. The time we wore a "woooah that's see-through" black mini-dress and suede boots.

    5. Pink flower fairy princess girl with boobs and leg out

    6. We all had a dislike of two sleeves during the '00s for some reason, and Anne was no exception.

    7. Saturday lunch in town with our mum and aunt.

    8. Even sexier white office shirt with tie! on night out

    9. Omg, yes, the polo shirt with chunky belt, jeans, and pretty party shoes.

    10. Feeling super glam and grown-up in a massive belt hanging pointlessly over a top, just like we all wore non-stop for three years.

    11. Whatever happened to our waistcoats and capri pants???

    12. And our teeny-tiny scarves????

    Thank you Anne, you were a true girl of the '00s. Just like us. Exactly like us.