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    28 Times Anne Hathaway Was A Wonderful, Awkward Goddess

    She survived hosting the Oscars with James Franco. Have some respect.

    1. When she won Best Supporting Actress at the Golden Globes and this was the first word out of her mouth:

    2. The fact that she literally gives zero fucks what you think about her giant trousers or her mom jeans.

    3. When she revealed how she faked zero-gravity by standing on one leg while filming Interstellar.

    4. When she looked like this in Jenny Lewis' "One Of The Guys" video.

    5. When she actually said the words "grazie amore” when taking the Ice Bucket Challenge.

    6. That time she left a bag of her dog's poo on a photographer's car.

    7. And made up her very own rap for the paparazzi.

    8. When she described how she learned to have love and compassion for herself and ignore the trolls.

    9. When she held Ellen close like this...

    10. And was comforted from the cold by Lena Dunham, because obviously they're friends and hang.

    11. When she did Tai Chi in the park with Robert DeNiro.

    12. When she did this incredible Katie Holmes impression on SNL.

    13. And then did this one of Claire Danes in Homeland.

    14. When she realised her Oscars dress made her nipples look pointy but was like, fuck it.

    15. When she blew shit up as Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Rises.

    16. And was basically just like you in The Princess Diaries.

    17. And in The Devil Wears Prada.

    18. And when she made you feel so many things as Kym in Rachel Getting Married.

    19. That time she wore this spectacular outfit to walk her dog.

    20. When she totally embarrassed herself in front of Daniel Craig in a glorious way.

    21. And accidentally showed up a day late for a party at Matthew McConaughey's house.

    22. When she took on Samuel L Jackson in a Sad Off and did this:

    23. And that time she said something so intense, Jennifer Lawrence made this face.

    24. The fact that she wanted to be a nun when she grew up.

    25. This beautiful selfie with Rebel Wilson.

    At Critic's Choice Awards tonight with the beautimous Anne Hathaway x

    26. When she revealed what a "ten" on her embarrassment scale is.

    (Yeaaaaaah we can see that.)

    27. And when she explained that Leandre Medine from The Man Repeller was her style inspiration:

    28. And especially when she told the story of how she tried to impress a boy at school by calling an orgy an "or-gee".