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    19 Things You'll Only Understand If You're Dating A Northerner

    It's definitely barth not bath.

    1. You won't admit it, but you're secretly jealous of their northern accent.

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    Their accent’s so specific, a fellow Northerner will often know which ~exact~ town your S.O. comes from. Whereas you just sound like a “southerner”.

    2. But their beautiful northern lilt can sometimes be a language barrier.

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    You can't always understand what they're saying, though it sounds great.

    3. And things get really confusing when they use dialect.


    But it's fun to be learning so many weird and wonderful new words.

    4. There are some things you'll never agree on.

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    Sometimes you'll say "grass" like they do by accident, and you wonder secretly if it actually makes more sense to say it the northern way.

    5. A few people have even said you're starting to sound northern from spending so much time together.

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    You can't decide how you feel about this.

    6. Although when you go up north you still sound like you're "not from round here".

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    7. It’s always a pleasure to visit your S.O.’s family, and explore the beautiful northern countryside.

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    The Peak District.

    8. Even northern cities have views of rolling hills that southerners can only dream of.

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    The outskirts of Leeds.

    9. There's nothing better than a pint or two with your S.O. in a cosy northern pub after a long walk.

    The White Lion Inn, Barthomley.

    10. Long wet walks through northern woods have become a staple part of your relationship.

    11. You love staying with your S.O.'s family because the northern sense of humour is the best.

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    Their dry wit is fucking hilarious.

    12. And they always speak their mind.

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    13. Although they will make you drink more cups of tea than you ever have in your life.

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    It's always time for a brew.

    14. Your S.O. has made you try all of their favourite northern delicacies.

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    Some are delicious, some are quite weird.

    15. You have to admit that some of the northern food they've introduced to you is insanely good.

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    Why the fuck haven't Staffordshire oatcakes filled with melted cheese and beans travelled south yet???

    16. You've been known to clash over the best way to serve certain foods.

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    You don't want to admit they might be right on these things.

    17. You've learned that gravy is a way of life for many northerners.

    And it's a way of life you can get behind.

    18. Your S.O. does pine for the north sometimes.

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    And tbh you do too.

    19. But both of you agree there are some things that the south absolutely owns.


    Like the weather. Everyone knows the sun only shines south of Nottingham.

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