26 Things That Will Only Make Sense To Ungirly Girls

    I don't want to be a princess.

    1. Princess dresses just never did it for you.

    2. Nope.

    3. No please.

    4. You couldn't understand what was wrong with wearing your usual clothes to a party.

    5. So it was utterly devastating when you were forced to wear a dress for special occasions.

    6. And being asked to be a bridesmaid was a special kind of torture.

    7. You were much happier just climbing a tree, tbh.

    8. Or playing on your skateboard.

    9. Most girls' toys were a massive turn off to you, and your heart still sinks at the sight of a "Girls" section.

    10. Bratz Dolls always chilled you to the bone.

    11. In fact all dolls were at best boring, at worst evil, possessed monsters.

    12. You were more of a dumper truck kind of girl.

    13. And Lego. Lego was the absolute BEST.

    14. The holidays were brilliant because X-Men was on TV every morning.

    15. You were also a massive fan of the turtles.

    16. When Disney started creating tough, ungirly heroines you were like, AT LAST.

    17. Most of your friends were boys, and you fitted right in with them.

    18. But you weren't afraid to take them on in a fight if necessary.

    19. You got used to boys finding you scary.

    20. Because if anyone said "No girls allowed" you were like:

    21. And if they ever said you were "just a girl" you were like:

    22. You got into make-up late, if at all.

    23. The only time you let your friends give you a makeover you felt a bit like this:

    24. It's not that you didn't like clothes and shoes – it's just that they tended to look like this:

    25. Or this:

    26. You know some people would prefer you to be more girly, but always have a stock answer ready for them: