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    19 T-Shirts That'll Make The Ladies Say, "Hell, Yes!"

    Ladies are hot for misogyny and shit.

    1. Ladies love a ~real man~.

    2. Form an orderly queue, girls!

    3. Ooh! Cheeky.

    4. They've found a "cure" and, look, the cure is this goatee man's genitals. Don't all grab for them at once!

    5. Women love Back to the Future and women love kitchens – a clever mashup that's guaranteed to melt her heart.

    6. And after the woman has ironed the shirt, she will want to make sweet, sweet love to you because of your sophisticated taste in slogan tees.

    7. Who could resist him?

    8. You literally can't spell ovaryaction without ovary! So true! Fuck me now.

    9. Sexual assault: so ~sexy~.

    10. There's nothing women like more than thinking about thick and creamy sperm.

    11. Sure, you seem like a cool guy...

    12. Let the women know you mean business with this not-at-all disturbing and sinister butchery shirt.

    13. The bitches love a GSOH, though.

    14. A woman loves a man who speaks his mind – especially on his T-shirt.

    15. Who wouldn't want to play?

    Becky Barnicoat / BuzzFeed

    16. So true!! So true.

    17. What's more attractive than a man kicking his girlfriend out the window?

    18. Start them young.

    19. Yay! Equality!