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8 Scottish Castles You Could Buy If You Can't Afford A Flat In London

You could live like a king or guy in a flat.

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But perhaps this two-bedroom flat in Bloomsbury, London, for £1,400,000 is more to your liking?

It's a blank canvas to make your mark on – and won't you look at all those plug sockets? You could whizz up a smoothie and blow-dry your hair at the same time. Convenient livin' in the cit-ay!


But who needs all that shit anyway? Why not keep things simple with a flat in this building in Mayfair for £4,750,000?

It's air-conditioned and "comes with it's own storage space", according to the listing. There are no other images of the flat available, but we do know that from the outside it's brown. Very, very brown.