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    Here Are 12 Pics Of Tom Hardy And Some Dogs To Give You Strength

    Dog lover by day, Venom by night?

    New Venom trailer from Marvel = new excuse to ogle our man Tom Hardy, amirite y'all??

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    Except, ugh, we have to wait until OCTOBER (5th, to be exact) to get all that Hardy goodness??

    Anyway, to tide us all over until then, here are twelve pics of our fave alien symbiote host alongside the best thing that the cinematic universe of reality has to offer: dogs.

    1. Here's one of Tom Hardy rubbing a very good dog's belly, mid-premiere.

    2. Here's one where a dog is acting out all of our fantasies to Tom Hardy's ear, if we were given the same opportunity:

    3. Here's a shot of a very dapper dude and also Tom Hardy:

    4. And here is an Instagram that Tom Hardy posted of a Frenchie named Blu.

    5. Here is a photo of Tom Hardy protecting this dog with his life, which I hope is what Venom is all about:

    6. And here is what the sequel will be based off, probably:

    7. Here's a throwback of Tom Hardy and one of his dogs, Max:

    8. And here is a selfie that's giving us a hard time deciding whose eyes are more adorable:

    9. Here we see Tom Hardy and his playful side...

    10. And here's a shot of Tom Hardy in Oliver Twist, trusty pooch in hand:

    11. Here he is with Chewbacca's kid, we think:

    12. And last but not least, here's the Tom Hardy + dog GIF compilation that you didn't know you needed until now:

    You're welcome, friends.

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    This post was translated from Spanish.