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17 Photos Of Weddings So Disastrous They'll Make You Laugh Until You Cry

Who doesn't love a good wedding?

1. The moment they realized that they weren't the only loving couple in the photograph.

Rebecca Sprau Photography / Via

2. The moment this dog didn't need to wear a white dress to draw all eyes away from the bride.

Mark Capilitan / Caters News Agency

3. That moment just before, "Oops, she's a goner".

4. The moment when this bride's bucolic photo session was interrupted by a horse screaming: "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!"

5. The moment the best man didn't understand that three's a crowd.

Lindsay P. / Ellen TV

6. The "Where's Waldo?" moment.

7. This moment meant to portray pre-nuptial yearning, but actually portrays the UPS guy's butt instead.

8. The precise moment this drone decided it was time to eradicate all humans.

9. This moment ruined by some heavy petting.

Via Reddit

10. This wonderful sunset, and even more wonderful running swan dive photobomb.

Ellen TV / Via

11. This guest of honor.

As happy as can be.

12. The moment that this llama realized he had missed his chance with the bride forever.

Caroline Tran / Via

13. This wedding photo that is honestly the best wedding photo I have ever seen in my entire life.

14. Unlike this one, which is still really good, but for an entirely different reason.

Jack Looney Photography

15. The moment this older woman decided to get involved in their relationship.

Carlo Carletti / Via

16. This lovely shot of the bride with all her bridesmaids and, oh, I guess Gary was there too.

Ashley Durham Studios

17. And, of course, the "OH SHIT! EVERYONE RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!" moment.

megjenae / Via

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