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17 Questions I Have About "Sex and the City" Now That I Am An Adult

Didn't they get blisters on their feet?

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1. How did Carrie Bradshaw live in a fabulous apartment in the middle of Manhattan all by herself when all she did was write one weekly column?


Carrie Bradshaw did less work than a security guard's jacket, so how in the world was she able to pay for that apartment?

2. And following that same train of thought, how could Carrie Bradshaw afford to buy a pair of Manolos every week and walk around decked out in designer threads simply by writing ONE WEEKLY COLUMN?

3. Moreover, how could Carrie Bradshaw afford to eat out every night, have brunch every Sunday, and drink a cosmopolitan every single day just by writing that one freaking weekly column?


6. What about Carrie's sex life: Isn't it a bit monotonous and bland, given that she is, after all, a columnist writing about sex and relationships?

8. Didn't Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte ever get fed up with Carrie always asking "How is it going?" whenever the four of them got together, and then listening for approximately seven seconds before interrupting them so she could talk about herself?


What's more, after Carrie finished talking, talking, and talking some more about herself and her boyfriends, she asked her friends for advice. But did she ever follow their advice?? Hmm?????


9. How was it possible that the four main characters ran around New York in high heels all day and never once mentioned the blisters or back pain caused by that madness?

10. How could four grown-up, professional women, in some cases even with a couple of kids, manage to meet up at least two or three times a week, when I don't even have time to bake a couple of pies?

12. A woman is free to wear whatever she feels like wearing, but didn't Carrie sometimes cross the line between "fashionably chic" and "old lady going downstairs to buy some bread while wearing lots of layers of clothing"?


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