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    15 Photos That Make You The Worst Type Of Person On Instagram

    Nobody wants to see your #aftersexselfie.

    We can all be a little insufferable, especially on social media. But have you become a full-fledged asshole? Let's find out!

    1. You’ve prepared big, elaborate meals just so you could photograph them.

    2. You've uploaded an #aftersex photo because apparently beds are the new bars.

    Instagram: @jordinsparks

    At risk of sounding like a Victorian woman...IS NO PLACE STILL SACRED ON THIS EARTH?!

    3. You jump in place when someone takes a picture of you.

    4. You post workout photos… or really any photo taken at the #GYM.

    5. You show off how sophisticated you are by applying tasteful filters to sappy lines from books, because you’re more than just a pair of legs.

    6. You upload photos of your legs.

    7. You take photos of sunsets.

    8. You’ve taken a picture of the wing of a plane.

    9. You take pictures of Starbucks cups.


    11. You turn your desk at work into a still life.

    12. #FoodPorn photos that aren't even good food porn, but healthy food porn. UGGH.

    13. You take photos of your stupid mug with a positive message that you drink coffee from every morning.

    14. That picture of your notebook with all your new #ideas and #projects so you can try to convince yourself that you’re actually productive.

    15. And finally, you've uploaded THIS photo with your significant other.

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