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    19 Jokes That You'll Only Get If You Know A Little Spanish, Too

    Respect the Ñ.

    1. This joke about whether soy milk is actually just trying to send us a message:

    2. This joke about two very important but confusable words:

    3. This discovery of an expression that's waaaay better than #YOLO:

    4. This pretty awful loss in translation:

    5. This disconcertingly literal poem:

    6. This story of a Spanish-speaking arachnid:

    7. This attempt to learn Spanish phonetically:

    8. This joke that pulls double-duty:

    9. These...practical translations?

    10. This example of why you must respect the Ñ more than you respect your own parents:

    11. But like, really:

    12. This little cultural difference:

    13. This awkward lapse in geographic memory:

    14. This actually pretty great explanation:

    15. This translator who was just trying their best:

    16. This toothpaste branding debacle:

    17. This ingenious discovery:

    18. This compliment that a bilingual woman would only understand:

    19. And this sign wishing you a happy holiday!

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    This post was translated from Spanish.