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16 Pieces Of Clothing That Will Make You Lose Faith In Modern Fashion

Who thought these would be a good idea??

1. First, there's this denim thong.

2. Then, there's these jeans with built-in windowpanes.

3. Or, these fancypants made entirely of plastic:

4. These extremely pointless jeans:

5. This slightly disconcerting swimsuit:

6. Why wear one pair of pants, when you could look like you're wearing two pairs instead?

7. Can't decide between comfort or fashion? Say no more, fam:

8. And is it just us, or do these shoes look like something you'd wear after breaking both ankles?

9. This necklace:

10. This wearable gift wrap:

11. These glasses:

12. These jean garters:

13. This dress but also a tarp:

14. And this look, which gives "jean skirt" a whole new meaning:

15. This 2-for-1 tee:

16. And finally, these pants with built-in tutus:

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This post was translated from Spanish.