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    • BClaw

      Actually, yes they can expect that. I’ve never been a server, but I know that servers pay tax on the fact that they served you. They have to pay money to bring you food. They have to pay this out of their paycheck, which in most states is much less than actual minimum wage, meaning that they get a paycheck of $0. You owe them a tip for sitting at the table. The author also mentioned ‘tip sharing’ which means that your server HAS to share that tip with the hostess, the kitchen, the bartender (where applicable), and the busser. Were you escorted to your table by someone? Was that person nice and smiling? You’re tipping for them. Was the table and surrounding area clean when you sat down? Did someone come by as you were finished with your meal to take your plate? Maybe you had a salad and now you have room for your server to place your main dish. You’re tipping for them. How about that food? There’s a whole team of people getting that together, not to mentioned the people who cleaned those dishes from the last meal that was eaten off of them. They allll get tipped out of whatever you tip your waitress. That’s 4 people MINIMUM that you are tipping, not to mention the tax on the food that you ate that the server has to pay. So there’s no excuse to not tip at least 15%. If you’re really that bothered by service then speak to a manager, and if you’re always that bothered by service then stay home.

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