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23 Things All Servers Will Understand

"Hi, my name is ______ and I'll be taking care of you this evening whether I want to or not."

1. Your weekends start on Sundays.

2. Wanting it to be busy but also wanting it to be soooo sloooow.

3. People who switch tables a hundred times.

4. Being ignored after saying hello to a table.

5. The agony that is the question "What is your favorite thing on the menu?"

6. Or even worse, "What kind of food do you have here?"

7. Substitutions. Of ANY kind.

8. People saying they're ready to order when they are soooo not.

9. Accommodating "dietary restrictions"...

10. ...or people who are just plain picky.

11. Not having enough glassware/silverware/plates/etc.

12. Being blamed when food takes a long time to come out.

...unless you really did forget to send their food order in.

13. That person who needs an extra side of dressing. And when you come back with that, they need a sweet tea refill. And when you come back with that, they need another napkin. And when you come back with that…

14. Being flagged down in any way, shape or form.

15. Sidework.

16. Last minute walk-ins.

17. This also goes for people who got there at 8:00 and want to sit around until midnight.

18. Bad tips.

19. But it's not all bad! Most guests are very happy and pleasant...

20. …and we leave with cash every night.

21. It's practically a requirement to go out drinking with our coworkers once we're off…

22. …and as a result, we make some pretty awesome friends.

23. Plus we've learned to tip like BALLERS.