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    • barringtonl

      Spend a couple days really feeling it - take off of work, cancel all plans, and just FEEL. Stay with a friend, if you can; they’ll listen to you and love you and eat ice cream and watch movies with you. (They’ll also make sure you’re eating enough and not drinking too much.) Then after the breakdown phase, start doing all the things that make you happy, especially those that you stopped during the relationship. Read more books. Hit the gym. Pick up your instrument. Cook your own food. Learn a new hobby. See all of the friends you’ve been meaning to see, but didn’t make the time for before - not only will they be happy to see you, it’ll also help you keep connected to them during the next relationship. (Remember, there will be a next relationship, should you want it.) Your platonic relationships, the ones you can always count on, are the key to remembering who you are, and who you want to be. And as you keep busy, you’ll find yourself moving forward a better person, without really thinking about it.

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