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    • barriec

      I had a few nitpicks with this, and I’m a huge Full House nerd even as an adult. (although to be fair, I’m not super crazy about this episode so I agree/giggled at a lot of it.) number 7 - “How was this a kid’s show?” haha not exclusively. It was littered with innuendos and adult references, which is why I still find it hilarious. Besides, what “kids’ show” isn’t anyway? Number 21 - Michelle wasn’t six in the final season. She was in third grade by then, and I believe her birthday is stated to be in November, so she’s eight.  Also, find it amusing that this is referred to as “the Christmas episode”… there were like 4 Christmas episodes throughout the whole series run. Nick At Nite has been airing them all month. I haven’t seen this one yet though. Specifically this is the one from the final season. (To be fair, this is my least favorite of them).  Joey is an idiot… yes, yes he is. That’s a major gag throughout the whole show’s run. A loveable one, but an idiot none the less.

    • barriec

      I’m a little surprised that “The Thing” is on here for Brooklyn/NYC. I’ve been there and found it a bit too cluttered. Personally I’d say Academy deserves a spot on here as is a little spot in Brooklyn called Black Gold Records.  Mississippi Records in Portland is fantastic and I’ve heard nothing but great things about Princeton Record Exchange.  Also I really liked San Francisco’s Amoeba, its smaller than L.A.’s counterpart but had just as great a selection.

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