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Preposterous Pets: Teen Girl Wrangles Deadly Alligators

TEEN alligator wrangler Samantha Young received her first pet alligator at just two-years-old. The 13-year-old has been handling deadly reptiles since she was a toddler - lending a hand at her family's 'gator park. Samantha feeds them, helps catch and transport them, and even teaches other people how to handle alligators at her family's Colorado Gator Park in Mosca, Colorado. Her favourite is a 6ft, 100 pound 'gator named Peewee, who she grew up handling. Samantha's father, Jay Young, 39, has lived among prehistoric predators since childhood - so it was natural for Samantha to follow in his footsteps. At age five, Samantha was playing with 3ft long alligators. While she has been bitten twice, she hasn't experienced any serious injuries. Until last year, Samantha suffered from hermivertebrae, a birth defect that caused her spine to severely curve inwards. But her love for 'gators didn't stop her from jumping right back into the water just six months after her surgery, even though she now has two artificial rods in her back.

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