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  • Baby Beaver Bath: Rescued Rodent Enjoys A Swim

    AN ADORABLE baby beaver clearly doesn’t give a DAM as she rubs herself dry after enjoying a hot bath. The cute bucktoothed rodent, named River, is a resident at Bi-State Wildlife Hotline which rescues young animals in Missouri & Illinois. And the two-month-old is enjoying her surroundings, with regular meals and even space for a quick dip

  • World Champion Unicyclist Max Schulze Shows Off His Skills

    A WORLD champion unicyclist performs jumps, flips and tricks - proving that one-wheeled bikes aren’t just for clowning around. American Max Schulze, 23, is part of a new generation of athletes who are pushing the limits of the unusual sport. Max joined the Kris Holm Factory Team - an internationally recognised unicycling team - in 2008 and went onto win several national and world championships.

  • 41lbs And Still Growing: Meet The Giant 10 Month Old Baby

    A 10-MONTH-OLD baby in India has weighed in at an astonishing 18.7kg (2st 13lbs) - the weight of an average six-year-old girl. Aliya Saleem, whose parents live in a remote village in the Indian state of Jharkhand, was born at a relatively large 4kg (9lbs), but started rapidly piling on the pounds once she hit the four month mark. Her enormous weight has put her life in danger and placed a huge strain on the already limited finances of her parents, dad Mohammad Saleem and mum Shabana Parveen, who are struggling to cover the costs of her daily food intake and the regular need for new clothes. The family has until now been unable to afford to take her to a hospital, but were able to get a consultation at Fortis Hospital to see a specialist in a bid to get to the bottom of Aliya’s condition.

  • Paddle Boarder Surfs 20mph Tidal Bore In India

    TWO intrepid paddle boarders become the first people to surf one of the world’s most elusive waves. The tidal bore, nicknamed the Baan after the infamous German Autobahn motorway, only appears once a year in the Indian river of Hooghly, which is located between the city of Kolkata and the suburbs of Howrah. Tidal bores are exceptionally rare and occur during high sea tides when incoming tides travel two or three times faster than usual through narrow channels. Virtually unknown outside of India, locals believe the dangerous wave, which can reach speeds of up to 20 mph, is haunted by the ghosts of its many victims.

  • Carkour: Athlete Performs Incredible Stunts On A Moving Truck

    Parkour athlete Abdullah Omar AlAli triumphantly stands on a moving car which is sidewalk skiing on January, 2015 in Dubai, UAE. A Fearless daredevil performs a hand stand on a car as it balances on two wheels. Filmed in Dubai, this incredible stunt was performed by Abdullah Omar AlAli, 21, who has been practicing parkour for only one year and has received no formal training. The athlete, who holds a black belt in Taekwondo, hones his skills on the streets and parks in the city. The manoeuvre the car is performing is called sidewalk skiing where the driver intentionally drives the vehicle on two wheels. Abdullah now wants to push his parkour potential to the limits.

  • “Hung Up”: Male Superfan Spends $75,000 On Surgery To Look Like Madonna

    A man has proven that you don’t need to be a woman to be a material girl by spending $75,000 to look like Madonna. Impersonator, Adam Daniel, 31 – who goes by Venus Delight when performing - is obsessed by the pop superstar and has spent 12 years undergoing plastic surgery to look like his idol. The wardrobes at his home in Los Angeles are packed full of replicas of the Queen of Pop’s outfits from her rambunctious Blonde Ambition days right through to her more demure performances as Evita. He first become obsessed with the Like a Virgin singer when he was a teenager who was struggling with coming to terms with his sexuality. But his extreme measures to replicate his idol and his almost lifelong obsession with her have led to some problems at home. His mother Annette Guerra, who inadvertently introduced him to Madonna, is now regretting ever purchasing her album. But despite the reservations of his family and friends Adam has no regrets about his choice to become Madonna.

  • GRAND Theft Auto: Grandmother Wins Replica Of Bestselling Banshee Car

    Game’s Banshee CarGrandmother Cheri Parker has never played Grand Theft Auto - she prefers to tear up her neighbourhood in the game’s most iconic car for real. Unassuming Cheri Parker won a super car modelled on the GTA’s Bravado Banshee when her young son bought the game with her credit card in 2012. Cheri, 56 was automatically entered into a competition to win the high performance supercar and was stunned when the $180,000 (£115,000) beast was dropped at her home. The Bravado Banshee has featured in all of the modern Grand Theft Auto games. The game’s designers – Rockstar – commissioned Pimp My Ride’s West Coast Customs - to immortalise the Banshee and modify a Dodge Viper SRT-10 for the competition.

  • Barack Obama And Kim Jong-Un Try To Crash The Oscars

    Barack Obama And Kim Jong-un Try To Crash The Oscars The iconic world leaders caused a stir with tourists when they strolled down Hollywood Boulevard today (FEB 22). However all was not as it seemed - as both men are professional lookalikes. Obama lookalike Reggie Brown, 34, met Kim Jong Un impersonator Howard, 36, were trying to use their famous faces to get into Oscar’s ceremony in Los Angeles.

  • Modball Rally: Supercars Race Across The States In Amateur Rally

    A YOUNG filmmaker captures a secret look inside one the most insane car races in the USA. The US Modball Rally consists of powerful vehicles tearing up the East and West Coast highways - in an event with no rules other than to have a good time. Shot by Zach Wingfield, 21, the footage from summer 2014, captured last year’s event, which is famously fuelled by love of life in the fast lane. The July leg of the rally took the drivers down the East Coast, from New York to Washington DC, before making their way to Atlanta and finally ending up in the party city of Miami, Florida.

  • Cat Groomer: Hairdresser Uses His Skills On Pampered Felines

    A professional cat groomer transforms a furry feline with a clip designed to look like a lion. With his ruff of fur, fluffy tipped tail and hairy legs contrasting with a closely clipped body – this lucky cat looks like the king of the beasts. Steven Harrold has been working as an exclusive cat groomer for 23-years and specialises in giving elaborate clips to pampered felines. Steven bathes, grooms and clips all kinds of cats – from extreme maintenance work to elaborate lion and teddy bear style clips.

  • Kayaker And Daredevil Take Part In Simultaneous Waterfall Jump

    TWO extreme sports professionals take a leap of faith as they plunge headfirst down a 75ft waterfall. White water kayaker Ben Marr and skier Rory Bushfield executed the death-defying stunt at the Mamquam Falls in Squamish, Canada. Bushfield performed a “gainer” - a backwards somersault while still moving forward - from the top of the falls while Marr descended it in his kayak

  • Hungry Sea Lion Grabs A Free Meal On Back Of A Boat

    A SEA LION hops on board the back of a boat for a spot of supper. The hungry marine mammal followed the boat as it headed back to Cabo, San Lucas, in Mexico. The male animal spotted an easy meal as 26-year-old scuba instructor Frankie Grant waved a live bait fish for him. And the sea lion seemed happy to be fed as Frankie dropped the meal into its mouth.

  • Surfers Test Their Mettle Against 12 Metre Hawaiian Waves

    A COLOSSAL wall of water towering 12 metres high, wipes out a crowd of surfers as they attempt to evade its path in Peahi, Hawaii. Spectacular footage captures the moment the athletes were swallowed by a monster wave – scattering them through the ocean. The thrill-seeking surfers were caught unawares when the massive wave broke later than they anticipated. Giora Koren, 44, filmed the incredible feat of nature at Jaws surfing break in Hawaii - home to some of the world’s biggest swells.

  • Turbo Hearse: World’s Fastest Coffin Carrier

    This is the world’s fastest hearse and it can go from zero to sixty in 2.26 seconds. Arne Toman created Madness – a turbo hearse, and set a world record for its 9.94 second quarter mile run at 137.76 miles per hour. Arne bought the 1996 Chevy Caprice and customised it in tribute to his favourite heavy metal band Iron Maiden.

  • Three Breasted Woman: “My Boobs Are Real”

    A WANNABE pop-star has spoken for the first time since she stunned the world by revealing her third breast. Jasmine Tridevil may be the first woman in the world to have an artificial third breast - or she may have pulled off one of the biggest hoaxes in Internet history. She appeared in news outlets throughout the world in 2014 and claims the surgery changed her life. But many commentators claim the third breast is a wearable prosthetic and she even reported a “3 breast prosthesis” stolen when her bags went missing at Tampa Airport in 2014. The aspiring pop-star claims the procedure cost £12,000 and took around an hour and a half to complete. But she had a big problem in finding a surgeon who would perform the procedure. She has had numerous calls to categorically prove once and for all that her three breasts are real – but as yet she has refused every offer.

  • Aping Around: Orangutan Scrubs Herself With Stolen Soap Bar

    An orangutan gives herself a scrub with a bar soap – before licking herself clean. Photographer Kevin Su and his friends returned from a jungle trek to find a mother orangutan and her baby using a bar of soap which it had stolen from their boat. The opportunistic ape had watched the group wash the previous day and was appearing to mimic their behaviour. Tajung Puting National Park was established in 1982 to help protect organutans, who are still at risk from deforestation in Borneo.

  • World’s Biggest Hips

    Four women with unique physiques are working their assets to their advantage by flaunting their record-breaking huge hips. Mikel Ruffinelli, 42, from LA, Denise Souder, 56, from Las Vegas, Marlena Plummer, 35, from New York, and Claudia Floraunce, 40, from LA, have a combined hip circumference of almost 27 foot. The voluptuous ladies are leading the way in the ‘big hips’ phenomenon and whether it be selling clips online or flaunting their curves in the hunt for love, they are each working their sizeable saddlebags to their benefit.

  • Knights Of New York: Fanatics Take Part In Medieval Fight Club

    MACE-wielding medieval knights are clashing in bloody battles - in an emerging sport dubbed ‘medieval fight club’. The New York Sentinels are part of the Armoured Combat League of America – and use swords, axes, maces and shields to inflict as much damage as possible on their opponents. During organised competitions with other teams, groups of armour-clad fanatics go head to head, often leaving participants bloodied and battered. It is one of America’s most extreme sports and no punches – or swords as the case may be – are pulled when the medieval knights meet to do battle. The knights who fight in the league belong to different factions across the USA and recently the New York Sentinels took on the Boston Dark Knights in a royal rumble style melee. In preparation for the tournament – two of the Knights of New York, Zorikh Lequidre, 47 and Sam Awry, 35 took to the streets of the big apple to practice. Despite the huge potential for injury the sport attracts people from all works of life who are amazingly not put off by the staggering cost of armour and weapons. A standard suit of armour can cost around £1,000 but top of the range protection can cost upwards of £10,000.

  • Woman Spends £20,000 To Look Like Pamela Anderson

    Meet Carolyn Anderson who has spent £20,000 to look like her alter ego ‘Scouse Pammie’. Pamela Anderson look-a-like Carolyn, 30, maintains her bombshell image with Botox, lip fillers, lip tattoos, spray tans, manicures, hair extensions and one-off custom made clothing. Bronzed Carolyn first found fame in her hometown of Liverpool for her striking resemblance to the Baywatch star and has been dubbed the ‘the ultimate Liverpool girl’ across Europe.

  • Skydiver Lands On Net 400ft Above Ground

    A fearless skydiver lands on to a net which is suspended 400ft above the ground. Shot in Moab desert in Utah, daredevil Andy Lewis, 28, risks his life by jumping from a paraglider onto the unusual landing platform – which held 250 people over a three day period. The “space net” was hand woven over several days and was responsible for 200 basejumps as well slacklining and ziplining. But stunt coordinator Andy, who has been skydiving and basejumping for five years, said it was always his intention to use the canopy as a landing area.

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