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    • barbw

      I’m not from Ohio but have spent a good part of my adult life here.
      Pop? Yes, though I call it soda.
      Tennis shoes, yes, though I call them sneakers.
      Sperrys, only seen a few pair worn by actual boaters, and I call them Topsiders.
      Graettner’s? No. Edy’s, yes, though I eat Haagen Dasz or at independent shops.
      Where are the Buckeyes? The peanut butter ones?
      Donato’s? Meh. Only because it has a drive thru. Which is ironic. Otherwise no chain pizzas.
      The range? More likely a driving range. With a batting cage and bumper boats next door and an ice cream place in the middle.
      Vaccuums as sweepers? More a generational thing.
      Cedar Point? Is there any equal? Anywhere? Based solely on the Sperrys and the shooting range, I would say this list is not typical of most Ohioans. There is no mention of bowling leagues, pierrogies, Malley’s, staycations, swimming pools you can only use for five weeks a year, jello salads, midgies (granted, restricted to near the lake), clunkers/winter beaters. The list could go on. As a New Englander, I have a similar list.

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