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18 Things Only Spin Fans Will Understand

Get on your bike.

1. You have a love/hate relationship with the resistance knob.

2. And there's always one person making a big show of all the effort they're putting in - huffing, puffing, grunting - but you can tell they have no resistance on.

3. Getting an instructor with no rhythm is the WORST.

4. When the instructor plays your jam, you wanna forget about spinning altogether and just groove for a second.

5. And when the music is so loud, it (thankfully) drowns out your attempts to duet with Rihanna

6. You have a genuine fear of winding up next to the guy who comes decked out head-to-toe in pro-cycling kit.

7. And nothing irks you more than someone coming in late and setting up on the bike next to yours.

8. At least once every class, you single someone out and think 'if these bikes moved, I would totally beat you'.

9. Oh you like your saddle super low in your spin class? Real cool, bro. Let us pray for your quads

10. When the whole class is in the groove, you wanna high five everyone.

11. When you're really in the zone and are too embarrassed to whoop your appreciation, you opt for the awkward fist pump instead.

12. Just when you think it's not humanly possible to sweat more, the instructor ramps it up again.

13. You've been sent this video approximately 5732 times on Facebook.

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14. You know there's basically no graceful way to get on or off the bike.

15. There will come a time when you can't get your cleat out of the pedal.

16. After a tough session, having to deal with stairs is just...ugh.

17. In fact, you do so many classes, you start to wonder if you'll ever regain feeling in your nether regions.

18. But nothing ever beats the feeling of totally owning the bike and walking out of there like a boss.